Do you have trouble keeping your plants alive? Try this Atreyu and Artax flower pot set.

If you were a child of the 80s, you were almost certainly scarred and traumatized by the hero Atreyu's failure to save his beloved horse Artax from the Swamp of Sadness in The Neverending Story.

Welp, now some horrible bastards decided to turn this moment into a flower pot set.

Recreate one of the most emotionally disturbing movie scenes of the 1980's with our exclusive Neverending figurines. Watch as our young hero desperately tries to save his horse from the sad swamp (your house plant.) Don't worry, the horse survives in the end!

I guess there might be some therapeutic value to it if you place the figurines into succulent pots, or some other domestic plant that's difficult to kill. Or if you just have a morbid streak and want to constantly relive the end of your childhood innocence as it stands juxtaposed against brilliance of life. Your mileage may vary, and either way, it can be yours for about 17 bucks.

Neverending Story Planter Gnomes [TruffleShuffle]

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Super bloom creates new California natural disaster: tourism overflow

Fires, earthquakes, floods and now overwhelming throngs of flower seeking tourists: California has it all.

Intense rainfall has caused California's deserts to bloom. Tens of thousands of folks just want to see all the flowers. Evidently pandemonium ensues.


Lake Elsinore Mayor Steve Manos described it as "insane" in a post on Facebook.

"One of our employees was hit and run by a driver. A rattlesnake bit a visitor. Residents have been screaming at the people directing traffic."

The city brought in all available staff as well as outside traffic controllers to help control the situation on Saturday, issuing a plea to visitors to visit during the week instead.

"People are creating chaos out there and we have already had an injury," officials said on Instagram. "This is a public safety crisis so we ask your support."

Over the weekend, residents of Lake Elsinore were faced with up to three hours of traffic on their commutes. Many began expressing their frustrations on social media with the hashtags #Isitoveryet and #HanginthereLE.

It could deter visitors from coming, but more rain could mean more or prolonged blooms into the next couple of weeks.

Either way, Ms Dailey explained: "The city is preparing to reopen the trailhead entrance by providing alternative ways to reduce the impact that the tourism has had on our community."

Instructions for safely viewing flowers.

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