You can knit this badass Wonder Woman shawl

I'm so-o-o tempted to take up knitting again, because that's the only way to get my hands on this badass Wonder Woman shawl. For those of you more in the practice of knitting, its designer, Carissa Browning*, has made the pattern available for free through Ravelry. When you go to that page, look at all the many variations people have made using the pattern! And, since you're going down the rabbit hole, go look at the RBG-inspired Dissent Cowl she made too.

She writes:

I tried to keep this pattern as simple as possible so it would be accessible to a wide range of knitters. However, some fairly basic short-rows were required to get the logo right. With that said, I think an advanced beginner, or even an adventurous newbie, could still handle it.

(*You might remember Carissa's name from her awesome Yip Yips Stockings.)

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A grandmother is suing the TSA for strip searching her to get a look at her panty liner, on Mother's Day

Back in 2012, Jon Corbett made headlines by showing that he could easily get metal through TSA checkpoints' full-body pornoscanners: his experiences fighting the TSA convinced him to get his law license and hang out a shingle, and now he has his first client: Rhonda Mengert, a grandmother who was illegally strip-searched by the Tulsa TSA because they felt a panty-liner when they patted down her crotch. On Mother's Day. Read the rest

WINK Mother’s Day gift guide

Hey all you spoiled sons, daughters, and fathers out there! Take 5 and make your Mother’s Day purchase before it’s too late! You’ve got until May 6 – less than two weeks, but no worries. The 7 books listed in this handy Wink Books Gift Guide have been hand-picked for 7 different types of moms: bakers, crafters, survivalists, cocktail mamas, cat lovers, journal addicts, and the all too popular frazzled moms. The best part: all the books on this list can be delivered in 1-2 days. So order now, while supplies and time lasts!

For the gourmet pastry chef: Meringue by Jennifer Evans Gardner and Linda Jackson / Gibbs Smith $19 Buy a copy on Amazon

A decadent, fancy dessert, meringue is more than just a beautiful white fluff that sits on top of a sweet lemon pie. As it turns out, meringue comes in many different shapes, textures and forms, from melt-in-your-mouth cookies and creamy pies to thick frosting and crisp pavlova shells topped with fruit and whipped cream. This beautiful book is both an art piece as well as a really fun cookbook.

Full review and more images.

For the mother of cocktails: The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique by Jeffrey Morgenthaler and Alanna Hale / Chronicle Books $20 Buy a copy on Amazon

While the author does include expertly curated recipes for some must-know cocktails, instead of focusing on what to mix (which can always be found with a quick Google of “How to make a Cosmopolitan”), it focuses on how, why, and when to mix it. Read the rest

Awesome spooky housewares

Dellamorte & Co does a fine line of handmade, spooky-gothy housewares and fashion items, including this gorgeous vampire bat vase. Read the rest

Mother's Day ad: support the energy industry and we'll give you flying cars!

Another Vintage Ads gem for Mother's Day: this bit of corporate futurism from the energy sector.

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