Psychiatrist who "cured" gays busted for gay sex with clients

Since last time I wrote about Toronto's leading role in "reparative therapy" for curing LGBT people, the worst gender clinic was shut down and its head was fired. Now another "expert" had his license suspended after having sex with men he claimed he was "curing" of homosexuality. Read the rest

Barilla pasta chairman tells gay people to "eat pasta from another manufacturer"

"I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect but because we don't agree with them. Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role," Barilla chairman Guido Barilla said in a recent interview.

As is always the case when a business CEO reveals his true colors, he later offered the standard-issue "I'm Sorry You Feel That Way" fauxpology: "I apologize if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding, and if they have offended the sensibilities of some people."

Barilla Chairman Says Gays ‘Can Eat Pasta From Another Manufacturer’ Read the rest