Wonder Woman says "Don't chew on things!"

"Pass this tip on your friends too."

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C-3PO and R2-D2 present a hip-hop PSA about coronavirus

The Auralnauts are a comedy troupe that does video overdubs — most prolifically (and, in my opinion, hilariously) of Star Wars videos. Their latest masterpiece is this coronavirus rap performed by "Creepio" and "Fartoo," which digs deep into the Star Wars footage archives, even going as far as getting the Muppets involved in their hilarious but surprisingly helpful public service announcement. Read the rest

Watch: Funny PSA on sneezing etiquette from 1946

Here's a humorous PSA (or Public Information Film, as it was made in the UK) from 1946 that teaches us the proper way to sneeze. The actor and director, Richard Massingham, was known for his roles as a bumbler in PSAs during the 1940s and '50s. Posted on YouTube by UK's National Health Service, they have a disclaimer: "This is a historical video. This video is not subject to any ongoing clinical review, and information in it may not be clinically accurate. This video does not constitute current medical advice." Still, a hankie is better than a hand. Read the rest

Fun new Japanese anti-drug video featuring creepy cannabis bats

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government presents this new public service announcement to warn children against cannabis bats, among other things. Rough translation of the video description via Google Translate:

In Tokyo, we created educational videos, posters, and leaflets for the younger generation to raise awareness of the prevention of substance abuse. The contents are easy to understand about the dangers of drug abuse such as cannabis and dangerous drugs, the effects of abuse, and how to decline when invited.

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The cast of Cats urge you not to smoke cigarettes (1986)

After all the hoopla surrounding the new and creepy Cats movie trailer, this delightful 1986 PSA from the American Lung Association may provide some relief. Read the rest

Lou Rawls sings about why you should take your blood pressure medication (1970s)

In the 1970s, the great R&B singer and actor Lou Rawls urged everyone to take their high blood pressure medication. With soul. "Do it for them." A public service announcement from the Ad Council.

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Odd and gruesome workplace safety ads that aired on TV

Ontario, Canada's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board created these splatterpunk workplace safety ads in 2012.

"This is not a feel-good campaign," said WSIB Chair Steven Mahoney. "We’ll feel good when the number of injuries and fatalities go down.” Read the rest

Grace Jones ominously asks: Do you know where your children are?

In many markets, 20th-century TV stations ran PSAs right before the local evening news reminding parents that they should probably know where their children are. This 1979 gem from Grace Jones may be the best one. Read the rest

Man turns his life around in 30 seconds

Poor -Stress -Drink -Poor -Stress -Stop drink -Work -Work -Collect money -Work -Collect money -Pay debt -Work -Collect money -Get educated -Stable life -Help others -Happy -Wife loves him -Happy family -Healthy -Teach others -Improve social -Smart -Improve his country -Just stop drinking! Read the rest