Puppy gets a brushy brushy

Look at his little back leg twitch with delight. Read the rest

Who let the dogs out? (unmute this pupper)

Woof, woof, woof. Read the rest

Cloud floof pupper

So much fluff! Cloud floof puppies. Read the rest

What did we do to deserve dogs?

This is what happiness and best-friends-forever friendship looks like. Read the rest

Akita puppy has serious snow addiction

“Maximus the Akita refusing to come inside yet again,” or COCAINE'S A HELLUVA DRUG, you pick. Read the rest

Puppy still figuring out her wee little dog barking voice (SOUND ON!)

You will definitely want to unmute this one. And be prepared to freak out your dogs. Read the rest

Golden retriever puppy bravely takes on scary doorstop

The Instagram account GoldenRetrievers shared this adorable footage shot by GoldenLeia.

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Alert, there is a DOORSTOP in this house! Tag a friend 😂 By @goldenleia

A post shared by Golden Retrievers (@goldenretrievers) on Dec 3, 2016 at 7:52am PST

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Dog gets human for Christmas

This adorable dog, Trouble, got exactly what he wanted for Christmas: his favorite human underneath the tree.

My heart melts each time I watch it. Read the rest

Curiosity scared the puppy

These are not the groceries you are looking for, pup. Read the rest

Puppy wants bed back from cat

Passive resistance in a nutshell (or an occupied dogfort.) Read the rest

Corgi puppy hates mini pumpkin

It would be pretty scary to see what he does to a pumpkin spice latte. Read the rest

Big dog patiently plays tug o' war with puppy

Full-grown American Bully Prince Hector is the paragon of patience with his itty-bitty playmate, King Rambo. Read the rest

Adorable Husky puppy can't howl like a dog

My Doglish is rusty, but I think he might be telling the person holding the phone to rotate his phone.

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Adorable puppies playing in a tub filled with empty water bottles

Thursday is for environmentally-conscious puppies only.

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Puppy doesn't understand how water works

May we all contemplate the mysteries of dihydrogen monoxide with such joy.

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"murlin, buttercup," shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool by beckitten. Says the photographer, "My mother is documenting her pup at murlin.net if you're interested in more photos and videos of murlin." Read the rest

Puppy gives cat a massage (video)

[Video Link, thanks @kaepora] Read the rest