RU Sirius's 1982 jams are well-suited for the Age of Trump

In 1982, Rochester, NY post-punk/dadaist/political musical group Party Dogs -- cyberculture pioneer RU Sirius (Mondo 2000, Reality Hackers) along with Matt Sabo, Pat Lowery, Hugh Edwards, and Kwashe -- recorded some catchy numbers that sat in the dustbin of reel-to-reel history. RU has digitized the dementia for online eternity and today releases the classic "President Mussolini Makes The Planes Run On Time," remixed for Super Tuesday by Phriendz. Enjoy!

Here's the full EP: Party Dogs

(photo by Eve Berni) Read the rest

High Frontiers (1984 proto-cyberdelic 'zine) now online

The first issue of the 'zine High Frontiers (1984), founded by BB pal and co-conspirator RU Sirius, is now online at the Internet Archive. High Frontiers begat Reality Hackers which begat Mondo 2000 which begat the cyberdelic early 1990s. "First Glimpse Of MONDO 2000 History Project Archives: Complete Issue #1 Of High Frontiers" (Acceler8or) Read the rest