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Bottled water is bullshit. Its production and transport to market are sucking the marrow out of our planet and the majority of the disposable bottles that it comes in wind up in landfills instead of recycling centers. Read the rest

Arts & Crafts: Build a YETI-style cooler for dirt cheap

YETI's insulated coolers are built like a tank and keep the stuff inside of them cold for eons. They are also prohibitively expensive--it's hard to justify spending hundreds on a piece of gear that many people may only use a few times every year. Happily, YouTuber Steve Wallis figured out how to make a cooler for under $100 that has similar cooling properties. if you've got the time, don't mind getting a bit dirty and would rather spend your cash on steaks than a container to keep said meat chilled, step right up and press play. Read the rest