Artificial tongue's nanoscale "tastebuds" can sort real whisky from counterfeits more than 99% of the time

In Whisky tasting using a bimetallic nanoplasmonic tongue (Nanoscale/Royal Society of Chemistry), a team from U Glasgow's School of Engineering describe their work on an "artificial tongue" lined with "tastebuds" that sense "plasmonic resonance" (the absorption of light by liquids) to produced highly detailed accounts of the profiles of Scotch whiskys, which can be used to determine whether a given whisky is counterfeit. Read the rest

Beautiful ice-sphere machine

This copper mechanism from Macallan's will turn your large, irregular chunk of ice into a perfect sphere, whose melting properties are somehow optimal for the consumption of Scotch (I drink neat Irish, when I drink at all, which is almost never).

The Macallan Ice Ball Machine- 01.15.10

(via Andre's Notes)

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