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Mercury News columnist says wait

Mercury News columnist says wait four to six months before upgrading to Mac OSX. Link

Does TiVo know what you

Does TiVo know what you watch? David Martin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Denver, has written a paper asserting that TiVo "gathers enough information to track individual users' home viewing habits while apparently promising not to do so; could identify the personal viewing habits of subscribers at will; and has a much more explicit privacy policy disclosure on its Web site than in the printed material that accompanies the purchase of the product." Link

Prank letter from Will Hertes

Prank letter from Will Hertes asking for a job with the FBI, and the FBI's reply. Site has lots more joke letters to corporations. Link

Funny first-person account of a

Funny first-person account of a Disneyland vacation in the "GenX Guide to Disneyland." Link

Curmudgeon king P.J. O'Rourke explains

Curmudgeon king P.J. O'Rourke explains celebrity and modern trends to old people. Favorite quote: "Techno being a form of music that sounds like a combination of a skipping record, the chime when you leave the car door open, the microwave telling you it's finished with defrosting and the spin cycle on your washing machine." Link

A strange day to be

A strange day to be a fair-use advocate on the Internet. On the one hand, Internet laws like the International Treaty on Cybercrime seem so ill-considered that it makes you want to take away all technology-related lawmaking privileges enjoyed by governments. On the other hand, we all hate spam and love it when spammers go to jail. On the other other hand, the current anti-spam bill looks like a total debacle.

Mike Godwin on the Cybercrime treaty (found via Memepool): Link

Declan McCullagh on the anti-spam law at Wired News. Link

Ew, ew, ew! The first-person

Ew, ew, ew! The first-person saga of a man who fixed his own botched circumcision while at college, using a nail-scissors and ice-cubes. Favorite quote: "You know what you must do. Eat it. It is your destiny." Ew. You have been warned. Ew. Link

Stop alien abductions! Using the

Stop alien abductions! Using the simple directions on this site, you can build a Lensman-style thought screen helmet that blocks telepathic communication between aliens and humans. Link (Thanks, Denis!)

Further signs of the aporkalypse:

Further signs of the aporkalypse: Fox is running a new, Power-Rangers-style show based on Mexican masked wrestling, called Los Luchadores. It features an evil cyborg chihuahua that talks like the Yo-Quiero-Taco-Bell rat, and a total hottie hero called Maria Valentine, whose "trendy crop tops, stylish bell-bottoms, tattoo, and pierced belly-button are always a big hit." Modern primitivism is now officially out. Link

Postmodern essay-generator. Funny! Link

Postmodern essay-generator. Funny! Link

Found on Xblog: Martin Amis

Found on Xblog: Martin Amis on the porn industry: Link

Found on Baton-shaped, frozen,

Found on Baton-shaped, frozen, push-up food! Link

And something less ire-rousing. The

And something less ire-rousing. The way, way, way funny "Ulysses for Dummies." Link

Which reminds me of this

Which reminds me of this Slashdot piece about IDG's international legal debacles in "protecting" the "For Dummies" brand. Especially noteworthy (and baseless) was their campaign against a Swede running a FAQ. Link

Also of tremendous humorosity: This letter from the Webmaster responsible for "Ulysses for Dummies" to IDG's overzealous legal department. Link

Oh, and don't miss "Corporate Standover Tactics for Dummies," a great Web resource tracking IDG's campaign against a bunch of unemployed silk-screeners in Australia. Link

Really, is there any circumstance in which such a nastygram doesn't result in the sender looking like a hypersensitive, overly litigious, bullying idiot Dummy®?

Potterwar! Warner's lawyers are sending

Potterwar! Warner's lawyers are sending nastygrams to teenagers running Harry Potter fansites. Remember when Viacom cease-and-desisted all of the Star Trek fansites? Buncha jackasses. Yah, yah, you gotta protect your service-marks, etc and so forth, but do law professors really teach their students that suing die-hard fans is the best way to protect a corporation's assets? Link (Link found on Jane and Richard's blog)

My friend Scraps is getting

My friend Scraps is getting married! And he announced it in his blog. I love living in the future! Link

Another sign of the apocalypse:

Another sign of the apocalypse: costumed Disney World characters with TB. Given all the stories about costumed cast catching crabs, etc., from their suits, I sure wouldn't want to be wearing this costume! Link (Thanks, Amanda!)

Continuing this week's walk down

Continuing this week's walk down memory lane! Remember "High Noon on the Electronic Frontier?" Published in 1996 by MIT press, this collection of essays on privacy, copyright, crypto, and the like is every bit as relevant and prescient today as it was all those Internet centuries ago. Especially noteworthy is Tim May's BlackNet essay and Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto. Looks like the whole book's available online! Link (Thanks, Tony!)

I'm writing this from the

I'm writing this from the kitchenette of The Martini Room at the Orbit In in Palm springs. There's a DSL connection in here. And three more DSL connections coming out of the lava lamps in the poolside bar! Link

Remember American Movie? The documentary

Remember American Movie? The documentary on the production of a way, way indie film by a gang of way, way oddball midwesterners? That film, "Coven" (pronounced CoVAN) is now available for sale online. They've sold more than 4,000 copies! Also available: Coven t-shirts, a cassette of songs performed by Mike Schank ("Songs I Know") and the soundtrack. I've ordered a copy -- I'll letcha know if it's any good once it arrives. Link

Following a link off Memepool

Following a link off Memepool this morning took me to an Australian site filled with mechanical toys you can make on your own. This, in turn, led to a variety of startling and marvellous pages detailing various home-based toy projects. You can make an ornithopter, a pop-pop boat, and learn how the World's Record for paper airplane flight was set.

Salon piece by a staffer

Salon piece by a staffer at Mad Dogs and Englishmen in NYC about corporate trend-hunting. Compare and contrast with The Tipping Point. Link

An amazing, techie briefing on

An amazing, techie briefing on the physics, economics, and aesthetics of flat-panel displays. Link

This comic, Piercing (found through

This comic, Piercing (found through PeterMe) is wonderful. Normally, I don't get much thrill out of pictures without words, but there's something about the artwork -- Mad magazine meets Charles Bukowski -- that made me pay attention. Link

OK, this isn't really about

OK, this isn't really about All Your Base. It's really about Disneyland. I swear. Link (Thanks Joey!) (and I just wanted to point out that I did this first and better Link)

After 50 years, Mad Magazine

After 50 years, Mad Magazine starts taking ads Link

Hey, look! It's a brochure

Hey, look! It's a brochure in the form of a snotty, ill-informed quiz for a bunch of Euro Web "designers" who shovel horseshit like "If you crash your users' browsers, you should be proud, because you're pushing the medium!" Requires Flash (soo-prise, soo-prise!). Link

In the summer of 1979,

In the summer of 1979, my life changed forever. My Dad, head of computer science at a high-school in a Toronto suburb, was given a free Apple ][+ to bring home for the summer. Up until then, all my computer interaction had been via a teletype VAX terminal. The Apple's graphics capabilities (remember the "Hopalong Cassidy" demo?) and easy BASIC programmability made me into a nerd-for-life.

Then, in 1984, my Mom (an early childhood educator) brought home a MacPlus with an external floppy drive, an ImageWriter and a copy of MacPaint. My pals and I spent days hunkered down in front of the little Banana Junior, printing out hundreds of weird-ass texture-drawings we made with MacPaint and the mouse (!) (another memory, of my Dad coming back from a syposium in the 70s, having just seen hypertext, mouses and light-pens demoed, and trying to communicate what all these things would mean some day).

Which brings me to today's blog entry, the Virtual MacPlus. Running this application on your Mac, *nix, or Wintel box will emulate a full-fleged MacPlus, with up to THREE virtual floppy drives. It kicks all kinds of ass.

Download vMac here. Link

Then, download a MacPlus ROM here Link

This site also has downloadable OS disk-images (ranging from OS 1 to OS 6), and downloadable MacPaint and MacDraw images. Anyone have access to other vintage Mac apps?

My friend Debbie used to

My friend Debbie used to have this really successful hobby-site with info for writers called Inkspot. She got bought out by some GOBOSH-addicted dotcom, which relocated her to Philly, ran her ragged, then shut down the site. Debbie's started recounting her adventures in dotcom land in her comic strip. Can't wait to see more. Link

Maybe it's the painkillers, but

Maybe it's the painkillers, but I actually hardy-har laughed at this page from the Spinnwebe site (original home of the Dysfunctional Family Circus), in which the author deconstructs the world's most ego-drenched vanity site. Link