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In 2002, the World Science

In 2002, the World Science Fiction Convention will award the first-ever Hugo Award for best Web-site. Link

Porsche's long-awaited SUV, the Cayenne,

Porsche's long-awaited SUV, the Cayenne, is stylistically miles ahead of the urban tanks on the road today. Link

This fucking thing popped up

This fucking thing popped up in my browser window and I don't know where it came from. Can such a thing be set to pop up a certain amount of time after you visit a site? Link

Custom sneakers on demand! Up

Custom sneakers on demand! Up to 3,420,833,472,000,000,300,000 combinations of colors, graphics, logos, and materials! Link (Found on Puce, one of the original Web journals)

"You want fries with that?"

"You want fries with that?" A new study forecasts that "80% of the remaining dot-com companies in the Bay area will collapse in the next year, wiping out some 30,000 jobs." Link

Check out my new favorite

Check out my new favorite visual artist Yoshitomo Nara's gleefully twisted illustrations where children play happily in the land of cultural nihilism. "The children in my works are not aggressive. [With] the knives-[the kids] can generate power over their lives. I'm not making art to give the viewer hope. I'm creating this generation that has no power. I'm articulating or producing a scream for them." Link

Talk about a niche market.

Talk about a niche market. This software, called Pawsense, is designed to tell the difference between a human typing on a keyboard and a cat walking across one. It will block the cat's keypresses. It'll also emit a shrill harmonica or hissing sound to scare the cat away. Link

In the tradition of the

In the tradition of the great whorehouse piano players of New Orleans was James Booker, the Bayou Maharajah: "When he played the piano, any and all songs could come from the notes. Everything from the Godfather theme to the works of Ernesto Lecuona to Beethoven to the rawest, gutbucket, junker blues of back o' town New Orleans, many times all in the same song." Link "This is the same guy who studied yoga while he was in Angola State Prison on a dope charge. When a guard spied him doing a head stand, Booker told him he was proving that he could do his time standing on his head." Link

I'm not a fan of

I'm not a fan of professional sports, and I don't like it when animals are killed for no good reason, but I am fascinated by this video clip of a bird that explodes when it flies in the path of a baseball pitcher's fastball. (Thanks, Gil!) Link

Excellent paranoid's site full of

Excellent paranoid's site full of subliminal advertising images, backwards music messages, and Freemason and Microsoft conspiracy symbols. Link

Sasquatch Butt Print! (Thanks Pesco).

Sasquatch Butt Print! (Thanks Pesco). Link

The URL pretty much explains

The URL pretty much explains it all. My guess it that these are the real thing.

Here's another Web services company,

Here's another Web services company, Internet Technologies Group, that has a wait-n-weep Flash introduction page that would keep any savvy client a million miles away from them. Link

Mercury News columnist says wait

Mercury News columnist says wait four to six months before upgrading to Mac OSX. Link

Does TiVo know what you

Does TiVo know what you watch? David Martin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Denver, has written a paper asserting that TiVo "gathers enough information to track individual users' home viewing habits while apparently promising not to do so; could identify the personal viewing habits of subscribers at will; and has a much more explicit privacy policy disclosure on its Web site than in the printed material that accompanies the purchase of the product." Link

Prank letter from Will Hertes

Prank letter from Will Hertes asking for a job with the FBI, and the FBI's reply. Site has lots more joke letters to corporations. Link

Funny first-person account of a

Funny first-person account of a Disneyland vacation in the "GenX Guide to Disneyland." Link