Compilation of Trump ranting while world leaders quietly sit with their obvious discomfort

As one YouTube commenter wrote, "These are the faces of people who regret learning English." Read the rest

How a quirky Finnish comic came to resonate with Chinese millennials

The Chinese slang term jingfen means "spiritually Finnish." It was coined thanks to the popularity of an online comic called Finnish Nightmares. Liang Chenyu speculates why so many Chinese millennials identify with the comic. Read the rest

Rating stranger's attractiveness to their face

This might be the most awkward thing I've seen in a while.

It's a video by The Cut where people are rated how attractive they are on a scale from 1 to 10, by strangers, in person. Read the rest

"Shark Tank" with no dialogue

Immerse yourself in the awkwardness that is Shark Tank with all the talking removed. Makes ya sweat a little, don't it?

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These are the questions the Dems should ask during Gorsuch's nomination

Gorsuch has written extensively on the role of judges' personal beliefs and the law; and on the politicization of the judicial confirmation process. Specifically, he called out Congress for its maltreatment of Merrick Garland when his federal judgeship was before the Senate. Read the rest

Jeff Sessions asked Sally Yates in 2015 if she'd say no to 'improper' presidential orders

”Do you think the U.S. Attorney General has a responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that is improper?,” asked Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-Alabama) in 2015.

“I believe they have an obligation to follow the law and the Constitution,” replied U.S. Deputy Attorney General nominee Sally Q. Yates. Read the rest

Awkward metal band photos

Join me in the liminal space between deep culture horror and ironic satisfaction: Awkward metal band photos Read the rest

Impress your demanding Russian in-laws in this cute, weird game

Surviving family dinners can feel like a gauntlet at the best of times, especially when it's your potential in-laws.