Kitty is a fluff-butt

It's so fluffy! Read the rest

Squirrel enjoys eating avocado while wearing avocado helmet

Yes, thank you, I know guacamole is extra. Read the rest

Dachshund enjoys doing chemistry experiments in his little laboratory

It's time to cook.

When a dog has a happy dream, you know it.

Wholesome content to brighten up your internet right here. Read the rest

Here are a whole bunch of little albino turtles

I like these albino turtles. Read the rest

Weiner Dog enjoys riding around in his li'l Weiner-Mobile

Oh, he loves to be an Oscar Mayer weiner. Read the rest

Drunk girls get surprised with puppies

Making the viral rounds again this week is this extremely funny and cute video of young women who've had a few to drink, and are suddenly surprised with --- a puppy! Read the rest

Cat boops prickly hedgehog friend

Now hold on there, pokey-boy.

That's an ouch.

Some observations:

That cat has extremely cute white poofy paws.

The hedgehog is proudly unperturbed. Brave little pokey-boy.


Lesson learned, kitteh:

No touch spiky boi.


Read the rest

Dog thinks he's a bunny and also wants lettuce, now cat wants some too

“My pupper thinks he’s a bunny,” says hauntedmarshmallow. Read the rest

Puppy gets a brushy brushy

Look at his little back leg twitch with delight. Read the rest

Who let the dogs out? (unmute this pupper)

Woof, woof, woof. Read the rest

Sweet Samoyed dog loves gentle strokes on his floofy head

Aww, so soothing to watch this sweet Samoyed get loving pats on his fuzzy floofy head, from his human. Read the rest

Warning: Do not press the wrong tooth

Do not press the wrong tooth. Only press the correct other tooth. Read the rest

Dog walks perkily through rain in spiffy raincoat and booties

“Hey. Are you coming, or what?” Read the rest

Dachshund enjoys snuggling bunny

Because it's nice to cuddle up with a friend sometimes. Read the rest

Here's a big pile of snoozing doggies

All aboard the bedtime train, puppers. Read the rest

Groggy cats recovering from anesthesia are pretty funny

These kitties are coming off of anesthesia, and their tongues are hanging out kind of adorably. Read the rest

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