Pandemic: An Interview with The Wire creator David Simon

Danny Greenwald (@glassineasleep) is a Baltimore-based producer, sound designer, and composer. His work has been featured in such publications as The Washington Post, Pitchfork, and Vice. He makes music under the name Glassine. In this interview with The Wire creator David Simon, he asked Simon about how The Wire relates to the pandemic, The Plot Against America's critique on the current political moment, and his mother's matzo ball soup, among other things.

Glassine · Pandemic: An Interview with David Simon

Danny: Good Morning, Mr. Simon. How are you?

David: Hi, how are you?

Danny: First I want to tell you that back when this interview was going to take place in person my mom was dead set on making you matzo ball soup.

David: [laughs] Okay, well that is very kind of her. Thank you. Although it cannot compete with my mom's matzo ball soup. It's empirical.

Danny: So there are a few things I want to talk to you about. Obviously, there is COVID-19, there's your latest project, The Plot Against America, which I loved -- but I'd like to first start with a question that has to do with The Wire.

David: Sure.

Danny: When I first started hearing the word "pandemic" every day, I would invariably think of The Wire because of the brand name of heroin in the show. What led you to choose the name Pandemic?

David: Uhh, I don’t remember [laughs]. We called it a lot of different things, we kept changing it, and so I think we probably called it 10 or 20 different things. Read the rest