Robert E.T.: A Ken Burns Documentary

Tear down all the Robert E.T. statues and stop celebrating his invasion tactics.

The creator of Full House Without Michelle returns with a documentary on General Robert E.T. [Reid McCarter / AV Club] Read the rest

E.T. is the star of Melodysheep's 'Phone Home' remix

Earworm alert: Remix maestro melodysheep (previously) just released "Phone Home," a "happy little E.T. song to brighten your day." It did. Read the rest

This illustrated kids' book of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is out of this world

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was released 35 years ago and the tale of a friendly space creature marooned on Earth continues to captivate our imaginations. This month, Quirk books is releasing an illustrated kids' book version of E.T. The large format book features color illustrations throughout by Kim Smith, and is appropriate for very young kids. I received an advance copy and took a few photos:

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Legendary Atari cartridge dump to be excavated

After producing too many copies of its infamously terrible E.T. game, Atari dumped the unsold inventory in a remote New Mexico landfill. Thirty years on, the local authorities have greenlighted an excavation to see exactly what's down there. [John Bear at The Alamogordo Daily News] Read the rest