Tennessee lawmaker drinks from chocolate syrup bottle during legislative session without shame

Reporter Natalie Allison, who covers state politics for The Tennessean in Nashville, tweeted a photo Monday (the photo was shot by photojournalist George Walker IV) of TN state Rep. Kent Calfee drinking from a Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle. Read the rest

Man gets 55,000 duplicate letters from student loan company

A college student loan processing company sent thousands of copies of the same statement to an Ohio family. An estimated 55,000 copies, to be precise. Read the rest

Socially conservative mom says racy halftime entertainment drove distraught 13-year-old son to his bedroom

43-year-old Shakira and 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl from r/Celebhub

I learned that an important sportsball event took place in the United States yesterday. Apparently the game was interrupted with a song-and-dance routine that many people found pleasant. However, some people took umbrage at the choice of entertainment, including William Franklin Graham III, the Christian evangelist, missionary and trufan of the pussy-grabber in chief. Graham posted the following statement on Facebook:

In response, a mother of a 13-year-old boy shared Graham's sentiments:


Then another person weighed in:


When Graham's and the others' comments were posted to Twitter, several people commiserated with the mother.


  Read the rest

Wheel of Fortune contestant incorrectly guesses "chasing tail," Sajak reserves comment

When posed with the question "What are you doing?" this Wheel of Fortune contestant gave the obvious answer, which was unfortunately wrong.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

1917... now starring SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Gary the Snail

Carnage-Boy asks: "What if Sam Mendes' latest badass movie was set in Bikini Bottom instead of Pas-de-Calais?"

Here's the original trailer:

Read the rest

Clever inventor designs sock removal device

“I design Unnecessary Inventions for fun,” says IMGURian @rightcoastguy, who was challenged by fellow users to make this truly silly and wacky invention.

“Meet the SockNoMore.” Read the rest

Yes, Sam Elliott recites "Old Town Road" in this very funny Super Bowl teaser commercial

Sam Elliott had the horses in the back with a wrangler on his booty before Lil Nas X was even in diapers.

(Adweek) Read the rest

Moose traps man in shed, home surveillance camera got it on video

An Alaska family's home surveillance camera recorded a most remarkable video of a moose trapping a man inside the family shed. Read the rest

Playlist for when you leave your dog at home alone

Spotify is now making regularly updated playlists and a podcast (I know, I know) for dogs whose owners must leave their beloved pets at home for extended hours, while they're at work and so on.

The idea is dogs can listen to the audio in their owners' absence and be comforted. Some 74% of UK pet-owners play music for their animals, Spotify UK said in the launch announcement today for the company's new pet-oriented audio offerings. Read the rest

Woman used badly photoshopped image to convince boss she had a flat tire

Twitter user @sydneywhitson reported that "her coworker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tire that caused her to have a flat" and reportedly sent in the above photo as evidence. Zoomed version below. Of course, Twitter delighted in the stupidity.

(via Petapixel) Read the rest

Magical prank: little girl instantly becomes big girl

I'm all for anything that makes shopping more entertaining. Read the rest

Thailand termite spray commercial

This 2½ minute commercial for termite spray is amusing, not least in how it explains why you shouldn't panic if the bugs don't immediately die. I feel more satisfied having watched it than most recent movies. Read the rest

Squirrel wrecks couple's home while away on holiday and insurance won't pay

In Atlanta, a couple say they returned from their holidays to find their home had been completely wrecked by a squirrel. Their insurance company, Mercury, says nope-- squirrel damage is not covered. The couple has launched a GoFundMe. No word on the squirrel. Read the rest

Willie Nelson becomes a hay bale character, and enjoys it

The fan-made hay sculpture's name is “Will-Hay Nelson.” Read the rest

Watch the best TV news bloopers of 2019

Keep fucking that chicken! Read the rest

Goat snuck onto UPS truck

UPS driver Bruce Slette found a goat in the back of his UPS delivery truck, and the images he snapped and sent to his daughter have now gone very viral.

They're really quite funny. Read the rest

Perfection: "Frère Jacques" featuring Ricky Gervais' infectious laughter

A delightful moment of "Frère Jacques" performed by composer Luke Thering and comedian Ricky Gervais. More of Luke and Ricky below:

Read the rest

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