How to pop and lock like the 90s never ended

The Mysterious Dance Company showed us how it could be done! Read the rest

Ridgemont High's NSFW pool scene from a 1984 scrambled cable signal

NOTE: The video has a strobe effect. Caution is advised if you are susceptible to seizures.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the thrill of those fleeting moments of crystal clear video broadcast in a scrambled cable signal. If you're not of a certain age, now you can get a sense of the sufferings of your elders. Here's the scrambled pool scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High from Tele1st in Chicago, but it could be from any 1980s motel. Read the rest

Fan of TV painting host Bob Ross? Watch the very first episode of his show.

What a gem was released upon the internet today! This video of Bob Ross: A Walk in the Woods, was Season 1 Episode 1 of his long-running “anyone can paint” television HOWTO show. Read the rest