Spot famous folks' scrawls in the backstage "Autograph Room" at this legendary San Francisco venue

Warfield Autograph Room

Earlier this week, I bought tickets to see a concert in September (Gogol Bordello!) and wanted to see the view from our seats. I discovered that the venue, San Francisco's legendary Warfield, has a terrific 360-degree virtual tour of the entire theater, backstage and all. It's a bit of a rabbit hole but totally worth a look. Not only can you see the view of the stage from anywhere in the theater but you can also visit its green room (spacious), "Jerry's Room" (Jerry Garcia's "second home"), and this Autograph Room. The theater calls it a "hidden gem" and it sure is! Zoom in closely to the walls (and ceiling) to try and spot the Sharpie-d art and autographs of famous people you know. I was able to find both Penn and Teller's and Beck's fairly easily.

(The seats I nabbed have a fantastic view, by the way.)

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Surgeon admits to branding initials onto patients’ livers

Patients of Dr. Simon Bramhall probably weren’t expecting an autograph on their transplanted organs. That didn’t stop the surgeon from signing their livers like Roy Moore on high school yearbook day.

Bramhall pleaded guilty to two counts of assault for using an argon beam to burn his initials on two patients’ livers at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2013, according to the BBC. The beam can be used to sketch a non-harmful outline for operation on the livers surface.

Bramhall pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm. His initials were originally discovered by another surgeon.

Via the BBC:

"It was done in the presence of colleagues," he said.

His actions were carried out "with a disregard for the feelings of unconscious patients", the prosecutor added.

Bramhall resigned after a disciplinary hearing with University Hospitals Birmingham Foundation Trust in May 2014.

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Watch George Lucas tell off professional autograph hounds

Above, George Lucas has no time for professional autograph hunters out for a quick buck. Below is another recent clip of Lucas grumpy at the autograph hounds because they're "here to make money. They're not fans." I think he's right!

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