Anthony Edwards stars in 1985's 'Gotcha!'

Even at age 13, I knew there was more to college than Gotcha!

This forgotten campus-game-turns-spy movie played endlessly on either Z Channel or as an HBO Feature Presentation. Gotcha! was supposed to be some madcap adventure, but really was just a guidebook on how to be a giant jerk. There was a time it was ALWAYS on.

I enjoyed the cat-and-mouse scenes and Fiorentino's accent. The sexist weird come-on bullshit serves as a how-not-to guide, especially the criminal assault the film finishes out on. Read the rest

Frankenhooker. Seriously.

This movie got made. Read the rest

The weirdest bumbling cat burglar movie of all time

In 1991 I was super eager to see Bruce Willis' slapstick comedy Hudson Hawk.

Everything about this film was frantically over the top, ridiculous, and so much fun. Sandra Bernhard's crazy megalomaniac? David Caruso's master of disguises? James Coburn's James Coburn! Every performance was unhinged. This film barely makes sense.

While Andie MacDowell squealing like a dolphin is pretty special, the best moments of this film are when Bruce Willis' Ernie "The Hudson Hawk" Hawkins and Danny Aiello's Tommy "Five-Tone" Messina engage in crime. Rather than synchronizing their watches, the two burglars sing popular hits to time their capers. Bing Crosby's Swinging on A Star became a lifelong favorite tune.

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