Casey Weldon's retro Valentine's Day cards bring the snark

With art fashioned after kids pussycat Valentines of yore, Casey Weldon's new 5-card vintage-inspired set is definitely geared to grownups. The Seattle-based artist's messages will put some much-needed sass into this Hallmark holiday. They are, as follows:

-- I want to fuck you like an animal -- And Heaven knows I'm miserable now -- Life's an illusion, Love is a dream -- This is getting old and so are you -- Do you want to find Hell with me? -- I don't even care, We don't have to breed

Sets of these cards (and stickers) go on sale Thursday morning at 10 AM through the Spoke Art gallery website (the original art for these were recently exhibited there).

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Five pounds of Haribo gummy bears

Getting ready for Valentines day? Just like candy? This five pound bag of Haribo Gummy Bears is pretty darn AWESOME.

The pace at which my daughter and I can finish this giant bag of gummies is impressive... or maybe gummy bears just never, ever go stale.

I like the pineapple ones.

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Happy Valentines from 1982

Zoom – just one look and then my heart went boom.

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Heck Valentines Day just fall in love with some doggos

“For all those that don't have a valentine date or partner, here is some doggies for you to fall in love with instead.” Read the rest

Edible Anus

Just when I think I have seen it all on Amazon, I am reminded that no, I have not.

Today I learned that you can buy a type of chocolate gift box called 'Edible Anus.'

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VALENTINE'S WILCOCK: John meets Amber (his future wife)

A book of John Wilcock comics is now available Read the rest