Symbolia: new tablet zine for comics journalism

Illustrator-journalist Susie Cagle shares news about a new tablet magazine of comics journalism, Symbolia, that launches Monday, Dec. 3, and includes some of Cagle's own excellent work. Symbolia editor Erin Polgreen explains,

Graphic novel-style investigative journalism now has a home and its name is Symbolia. This Mon. 12/3, the premier, double-length edition of Symbolia will be available for the iPad in the App Store. The first edition includes work by Susie Cagle, Sarah Glidden, Andy Warner, and more, and will be available next week for free. Symbolia subscriptions cost $11.99 for a six editions over the next year, or $2.99 for a single issue. Each issue of Symbolia is packed with ground-breaking, insightful stories by world-class illustrators and journalists, plus stunning info-graphics, video reports, exclusive audio, and more.
Check 'em out. There's a PDF edition too. Read the rest

KQED reports on own entry to venture capital space

Apparently Public Media is starting an incubator."KQED's Joshua Johnson recently interviewed Corey Ford, because he's the Matter CEO, and KQED President and CEO John Boland, because Joshua knew where to find him on the third floor. And because he wanted to ask him, you know, what's a nice org like you doing in a space like this?" Read the rest

Alpha Colony misses $50k Kickstarter goal by $28, does not fund

DreamQuest games Kickstarter project fell $28 short and rules are rules. I wish I'd known of it, M.U.L.E. was a favorite. "Alpha Colony's Kickstarter campaign had raised $49,972 from 542 backers. The game was meant to be a mobile and PC spiritual sequel to M.U.L.E." (Polygon) Read the rest

X-Wing fighter made from beer-cans

Tamás Kánya's "X-Wing Beer Can," lovingly documented on Flickr, is a boozy tribute to interstellar combat.

star wars x wing beer can (via Neatorama) Read the rest

Boba Fett skirt

Etsy seller GoFollowRabbits produces "Geek Chic Fashion," including this marvy Boba Fett skirt.

(via The Mary Sue) Read the rest

Overblocking of The Pirate Bay in the UK blocks perfectly legal, indie artist promotion site

TorrentFreak reports that UK ISPs aren't just blocking The Pirate Bay, as a court order requires of them -- they're also blocking The Promo Bay, a website set up by the Pirate Bay to promote legal, independent media.

It turns out that the Promo Bay website is being blocked be several Internet providers, showing a similar message people get when they try to access the Pirate Bay site. TorrentFreak was able to confirm the blocks for BT, Virgin Media and BE, but it’s possible that more providers are also blocking the Promo Bay.

UK ISPs Block Pirate Bay’s Artist Promotions Read the rest

Illinois state AG investigates alleged breast cancer charity scam "Boobies Rock"

With a name like "Boobies Rock!" you know it's a totally legit breast cancer fundraiser.

Last week, the Chicago Sun-Times first exposed allegations that "Boobies Rock!," a for-profit business that purports to fund-raise for “breast-cancer awareness” in Chicago and around the US, wasn't actually funneling funds to charities it claimed to benefit.

Now, the paper reports that the Illinois attorney general’s office has begun investigating the company.

At left, the president of Boobies Rock!, Adam Shyrock. I don't know what could possibly not be forthright about a breast cancer "awareness" effort run by a guy who looks this douchey, especially when the project, which is about an awful terrible disgusting disease that kills people, is called "Boobies Rock!" (the exclamation point, it should be noted, is part of the name).

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Dog dressed as two dogs holding a present

Dan Wrexham throws down the gauntlet: "If you've seen a better picture than this picture of a dog dressed as two dogs carrying a present, I don't believe you." I can't think of anything better.

UPDATE: François Arias let us know in the comments that he took this photo! He even sent in a better angle of this excellent dog:

Dog dressed as two dogs holding a present on Twitter via @willak via @Mike_FTW Read the rest

"Nature is a bitch who likes to make life hard for scientists" (and lazy bloggers)

In the Guardian, Stephen Curry writes about how a new analysis of the structure of DNA using electron microscopy was mis-reported and distorted by various online publications. (HT: @nostrich) Read the rest

For psychiatry "bible," Asperger's is out, binge eating is in

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, will no longer classify Asperger's as an official mental disorder, but binge eating and hoarding are now in. The board of the American Psychiatric Association voted these and other changes in to the trade "bible" on Saturday. Asperger's is now relegated to a subset of autism. Read the rest

Anti-drone NYC street artist arrested

Essam Attia is NYC street artist who posted fake NYPD posters "reassuring" people about the ubiquitous surveillance of the department, especially via drones. The NYPD surveilled him, tracked him down and arrested him. Heck of a way to prove a point.

The NYDN reports that he's charged with "56 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument, grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession," the last (and possibly worst) charge coming because cops found an unloaded .22 pistol under his bed when they arrested him. On a practical level, Attia was not the most careful art criminal. He signed his work "ESSAM;" and he told Animal that he was a "a 29-year-old art-school grad from Maine, who served in Iraq as a 'geo-spatial analyst.'" It probably did not take an incredible amount of police work to narrow down the possibilities.

NYPD Proves Street Artist Right by Tracking Him Down and Arresting Him (via JWZ) Read the rest

John McAfee, the New York Times catch-up edition

After Gizmodo, after Wired, there is now a New York Times profile of John McAfee's descent into the heart of darkness, this one notable for its use of the underappreciated adjective "priapic."

Well played, thesaurus-using Times scribe, well played.

I kid, but it's actually a great piece, and this is one of those gift-that-keeps-on-giving stories that just becomes more interesting as more news dribbles out.

It begs to be made into a movie. And I'd place good money on Joshua Davis having already written a script.

I asked on Twitter today which actor should play the batshit teen-bonking gun-hoarding anti-virus-mogul 67-year-old.

Who do you think? Your replies in the comments. Herzog for director, amirite?

"I am indeed that same Stuffmonger."

 Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness Read the rest

Diesel Sweeties "Fucking Coffee" mug

R. Stevens of Diesel Sweeties sent me one of these coffee mugs. When I finally stopped laughing, like 6 hours later, I poured some coffee into it and it was officially christened as my favorite coffee mug ever of my entire life. Tons more wonderful stuff, perfect for holiday gift giving, in the Diesel Sweeties online store. [instagram link] Read the rest

Demonstrations in Ljubljana: Carnations, Neo-Nazis and a Water Cannon

Bob at Piran Café blog in Slovenia shares this photograph in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. On his blog, he explains:
This [photograph of a policeman behind a riot shield] was taken at about 6 pm last night, shortly after protesters were giving carnations to police officers stationed in front of Parliament. About four hours later police used a water cannon in Slovenia for the first time.

I’m sick as a dog and didn’t stay in the chill and drizzle for very long, so this is a rundown based mostly on local press accounts of what was, somewhat astonishingly, the second demonstration in a week here in Slovenia to turn violent.

Upwards of 10,000 people gathered in Ljubljana yesterday, one of seven Slovenian cities where hastily organized demonstrations took place to protest what’s perceived as widespread fraud and corruption, austerity measures, and the economic reform policies of the center-right government of Prime Minister Janez Jansa.

More here at Piran Café blog. Read the rest

Don't Squish the Sasquatch!

I've been a fan of Bob Staake's illustration ever since David and I stumbled across his ABC and 123 books at SF Moma in 1998.

Bob's art is appealing in its simplicity, but it's also sophisticated and wry. No surprise that he has illustrated quite a few New Yorker covers. Bob's latest book is called Don't Squish the Sasquatch! and is intended to be read to children who are between 2 and 5 years old. Read the rest


The good news is, this world has in it a thing that looks like an elaborate butter-knife, but is really a flintlock pistol. The bad news is, you missed your choice to buy it -- it sold in Sept 2011 for $3750.

This unusual knife/pistol combination has a flintlock pistol as the handle for the knife and the knife the grip area for the pistol. The knife blade is 5 3/4 inch in length with a curved tip (similar to a butter knife) and decorative ricasso with floral scroll engraving. The handle/pistol portion is silver plated with floral scroll engraving. The top has a banner marked "F.X. RICHTER" and the bottom "IN REICHEBERG". The muzzle is coming out of a dragon/serpents mouth. There is a hammer, pan, frizzen and single spring mounted on the right side and the trigger, two springs and a locking mechanism between the hammer and forward spring are mounted on the left side. When the hammer is cocked, the mechanism rotates and the hammer catches a notch and holds the hammer. Pulling the trigger, releases the hammer and the pistol is fired. Due to the fact that the knife is the grip for the pistol, writer assumes there would normally be a scabbard of some sort otherwise firing the pistol could be a little hazardous.

1154 Unique Engraved F.X. Richter Marked Combination Flintlock Pistol and Knife (via Neatorama) Read the rest