Major Disneyland attractions shut over OSHA violations

California Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) has served notice on Disneyland over three attractions, which led to their shut-down yesterday. In 2006, Disney agreed to make changes to the staff areas at the park, and the OSHA notice apparently related to lack of progress on these promises.

The citations were related a 2006 agreement to make improvements and to inspections following recent accidents such as the man who was seriously injured while cleaning the outside of Space Mountain. The findings include simple failures like not having a charged fire extinguisher and more serious ones like failure to protect employees from unsafe ladders or lack of railings preventing a fall hazard. Serious fines of up to $70,000 for each infraction could be levied if Disneyland does not comply immediately with the requests (although appeal is also an option). Total penalties for just the Space Mountain citations could reach over $230,000.

These are the same sort of hazards that forced Disneyland to close Alice in Wonderland until temporary scaffolding could be erected with guardrails. The park still hasn’t made permanent fixes there.

There were a lot of violations listed in the citation, here are a few of those listed as Willful Serious:

“Disneyland Resort failed to correct the unsafe work practice of employees of both Disneyland Resort and HSG Inc. accessing upper exterior platform of a building (Space Mountain) to change lights, and perform other maintenance tasks without the protection of guardrails or personal fall protection...”

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Glow-in-the-dark Haunted Mansion tee

I'm at LAX as I type this, heading home from a great family spring break in LA that culminated with a trip to Disneyland. While I was at the Mouse, I happened upon this killer Haunted Mansion t-shirt, which wasn't available in my size at first, but later got re-stocked. I'm wearing it now. it is awesome Alas, it appears to be a park-only item (neener-neener), though you can always try Disneyland Deliv-EARS (and yes, it glows in the dark).

PS: I also met a Haunted Mansion cast-member whose no-foolin' hometown was Purgatory. Read the rest

Loungy, alt-country version of The Sisters of Mercy's "This Corrosion"

For BB pals Gil and Steph, here's a fan-made video for alt-country group Lambchop's wonderful folky, loungy cover of "This Corrosion," the epic 1987 triumph of goth bombast by The Sisters of Mercy. And if it makes you yearn for some Sisters, check out the original video below. Read the rest

Google adds a "dead-man's switch" -- uses cases from torture-resistance to digital wills

Google's rolled out an "Inactive Account Manager" -- a dead-man's switch for your Google accounts. If you set it, Google will watch your account for protracted inactivity. After a set period, you can tell it to either squawk ("Email Amnesty International and tell them I'm in jail," or "Email my kids and tell them I'm dead and give them instructions for probating my estate") and/or delete all your accounts. This has a lot of use-cases, from preventing your secrets from being tortured out of you (before you go to a protest, you could set your dead-man's switch to a couple hours -- if you end up in jail and out of contact, all your stuff would be deleted before you were even processed by the local law) to easing the transition of your digital "estate."

No one wants to think about their own death, but not thinking about it has a zero percent chance of preventing it. The Inactive Account Manager (great euphemism) can send your data from many Google services to your digital heirs, alert your contacts, delete the accounts, or do all or none of the above. It affects Blogger, Contacts/Circles (in Google+) Drive, Gmail, Google+ profiles, Pages and Streams, Picasa albums, Google Voice, and YouTube.

It also serves as a useful self-destruct button. Don’t want anyone watching your stupid YouTube videos after you’ve long forgotten that you had an account? Don’t want your kids to find your password notebook years after you’re gone and read your dirty chat sessions with their dad?

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Insane tees - Kickstarted, full-shirt printing with indie artist designs

Jordan sez, "Our t-shirt company was just successfully funded through Kickstarter, now at $46,000+ with 4 days to go. We take insane art from independent artists and throw them on shirts using a new type of printing called Sublimation. It allows us to print ALL OVER the shirt in extremely vibrant colors."

Not all this stuff is up my street, but some of it is pretty fawesome.

RaveNectar: This isn't clothing - it's an EXPERIENCE. (Thanks, Jordan) Read the rest

Sokolsky's surreal girl-in-a-bubble Paris fashion photos, 1963

For the 1963 spring collection fashion editorial in Harper's Bazaar, Melvin Sokolsky photographed model Simone d'Aillencourt in a bubble, dreamily floating around Paris. All of the stunning images have been collected in a limited-edition art book packaged in a die-cut lucite slipcase.

"Harper's Bazaar 'Bubble' Spring Collection"

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Day care worker bites child to show that biting is wrong

A biting incident got someone kicked out of a Cincinnati-area day care on Thursday. That someone was day care worker Robin Mullins, 56, who bit a young child "to teach him a lesson," according to court records. From

According to court documents, the 5-year-old bit another child at Andrew’s Friends Pre-School & Daycare, 9870 Pippin Road, Colerain Township.

He was taken to the office, where Mullins allegedly bit him on the arm… She left a mark on the boy and caused an injury, police said.

"Day-care worker accused of biting 5-year-old" (Thanks, Charles Pescovitz!) Read the rest