Hundreds of US police forces have distributed malware as "Internet safety software"

Law enforcement agencies have been buying and distributing Computercop, advising citizens that the software is the "first step" for protecting their kids; one sheriff bought copies for every family in the county.

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Bitter: one of the most interesting and exciting cookbooks I’ve ever read

The term bitter, when associated with food, has never whet my appetite. Bitter, like sour, leans towards the negative. “She made a sour face.” “He is a “bitter” person. Unlike sweet or savory (unami), I think of bitter as an acquired taste that does not easily enthuse. So when I ran across Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, I was intrigued. And I was not disappointed.

Bitter is one of the most interesting and exciting cookbooks I’ve ever read, with adventurous recipes that show us how to poach fruit in tea custard, boil mussels in beer, roast squab in dark chocolate, simmer pork chops in a coffee black currant sauce, can orange whisky marmalade, and whip up many other exotic dishes with unexpected food combinations. The book explains that not all bitter tastes are alike, and categorizes bitterness in five chapters: Born To Be Bitter, Liquid Bitter, Pungently Bitter, Subtly Bitter, and Dark, Forbidden and Very Bitter. And more than just recipes, this book is loaded with fascinating facts and anecdotes about everything bitter and beyond.

It’s no fun to write about a cookbook without first tackling a recipe, so for this review I turned to the Pungently Bitter chapter and fried up the Brussels Sprouts, Bacon, and Chestnuts dish (shown in cover photo above). With only five ingredients and a few simple steps, I ended up with a multi-flavored delicious lunch in less than 30 minutes. I never knew that brussels sprouts were considered bitter, and realize how unfair I’ve been in my prejudice against the world of bitter food. I now look forward to many more bitter adventures in my kitchen and on my table.

Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, With Recipes

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Twitter funds MIT Laboratory for Social Machines

Twitter committed $10 million to the MIT Media Lab to create a Laboratory for Social Machines that will study social systems, build tools for "social engagement and change," and deploy "social machines — networked human-machine collaboratives."

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If you have US$18,400 you can fly like this, too

When a billionaire's private jet is in the repair shop, Singapore Airlines' Suite Class will do in a pinch.

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Fantastic Vine animation of hand-drawn character aging

Artist: EISAKU of Yokohama, Japan

Support the Extra Life Gaming Marathon and raise money for children's hospitals


My friend Marcus Shaftel is gearing up to play 24 hours of video games. Every year he joins the Extra Life Gaming Marathon and raises much needed funds for children's hospitals. Marcus and the Master Chief are my two favorite video game heroes.

You can sponsor Marcus, if you like.

Dear friends of mine were matched for adoption with a special girl. Half a world away, baby Maddi had been born with physical defect that her birth parents could not handle. A very special orphanage had been raising her since infancy. Her outlook was bleak. There were no plans to correct her condition.

My friends made plans and my wife volunteered to fly with Maddi's To-Be Mom to China. Big things in our little Austin area were spooling up. Maddi's Mom and Nora would have to be medical caregivers to Maddi as soon as they gained custody. Serious, complicated medical caregiving. Maddi's Mom looked for help and she found Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, ready and willing.

The Extra Life Gaming Marathon, each year, brings an always larger community of gaming geeks like me, together with wonderful, kind people like you. We work together to raise and donate funds to Children's Hospitals around our country.

Nurses at Dell Children's Hospital trained my wife and Maddi's Mom and sent them off with armfuls of supplies, instructions and number to call for more help. They did this all FOR FREE. They will do this for anyone making a difference in a child's life, FOR FREE.

*They can do this because of us.*

Join me this year for Extra Life 2014. On October 24th, my team TH3 M0TL3Y CR3W, will assemble at my company, Ringtail Design's, HQ to cast spells, throw batarangs, level up pulse weapons AND help more kids - just like Maddi - in the central Texas area.

Visit my page and help us with your donation.

100% of your contribution goes to Dell Children's. No overheads, no pass throughs. *All your support becomes change in kids lives.*

Dollar A Day: new nonprofit campaign from Kickstarter co-founder

Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen just launched his pet project, Dollar A Day, a compelling new way to find and support a variety of nonprofits! Congrats to Perry and his volunteer team!

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Arse Technica sex/tech conference starts tomorrow in San Francisco

The theme this year is "trans *" and the event features "Talks, machines, games, workshops and performances;" runs from Oct 2-5 at San Francisco's Chez Poulet (3359 Cesar Chavez St).

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Dark and creepy LEGO creations


LEGO master Mike Doyle's new book, titled Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, presents a variety of artists' shadowy, macabre, and black comedy brick creations.

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The Star Wars Trilogy in three minutes

Wait, so Luke is Darth's son!?

Ridiculous Instagram cease and desist results in duck filled mockery


When a redditor registered the offensive domain name "" the lawyers at Instagram leapt into action with an officious, self congratulatory C&D. They probably didn't anticipate the hilarious response, sample sketches, maps and mock ups for "Slütsof in Stagram," a story billed as magical.

From Techdirt:

The letter notes that "contains" the trademarked word "Instagram." It then talks about its 30 million users and being a "worldwide leader" in photo uploading and justifiably famous for doing so.

It also points out that it must police the internet for uses/abuses of its trademark, ensuring that consumers aren't confused and its mark remains tarnish-free. Finally, the letter notes that the registrant may not be familiar with trademark law, but that's the registrant's fault and he should immediately cease all use of the Instagram trademark, disable any site at that address and not attempt to trade/sell the domain name to another party.

That bit of officiousness prompted this completely ridiculous (but in the more positive sense) response:


Wow that sounds like you guys have a cool videogame. 30 million members. Holy moly! I was confused at first but you must be referring to my online fantasy series Slütsof in Stâgram. It's a really cool project I'm working on, you should check it out. It's about a magical goat and a duck princess who journey across the enchanted land of Stagram, many adventures are had…

I'm sorry if it sounds close to your company name but I don't think you own the alphabet, that would be funny imagine? Have a good day.

Jerry Brown will force open public beach gate locked by billionaire

On Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing the state to forcibly open the public access road to Martins Beach if Vinod Khosla fails or refuses to voluntarily restore public access to the beach.

Last Wednesday, Khosla lost his court battle to cut off access to Martins Beach. A San Mateo County judge ruled Khosla must reopen the gate to Martins Beach, a crescent-shaped inlet five miles south of Half Moon Bay.

(Celebration idea: BB meetup at Martins Beach!)

Previously on BB:

Billionaire tech VC Vinod Khosla owns the very tides, sea, sands (or so he claims)

With this video, Apple's Jony Ive never needs to record another product pitch

Rob Walker says this Jony Ive Supercut "builds a kind of faux pitch for … well, every Apple thing ever, and all of those to come. To quote Ive himself (from this supercut), it's 'instantly familiar.'"

Tom Sawyer: the Big Read

Lucas writes, "Through Oct, the Lewis & Clark Library of Montana hosting a Big Read of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Running a vast series of events throughout the month, each will be tracked on a special adventure map to represent the experiences that shape us and our understanding of the classic novel."

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Can you spot the difference?