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Anti-austerity parties soar in Spanish elections as Greece threatens default

Two new, anti-establishment parties (including one that grew out of the indignados movement -- a kind of Spanish precedent to Occupy) took key seats in regional and municipal elections in yesterday's Spanish election, which is a kind of dress rehearsal for the upcoming national elections.

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If they'd given Commander Riker his own Star Trek spinoff show, it would not be as good as this

They should have given the franchise to Jan van den Hemel. [via The Verge]

Refrigerator full of Super Nintendo Jurassic Park cartridges could be yours


It's on eBay for $1,500, but the seller is entertaining offers. "No questions or answers have been posted about this item." [via @toastmaster]

Just in time for the new Jurassic World (Jurassic Park) movie that is coming out, you can have your very own refrigerator full of Snes Jurassic Park carts!! There are just about 300 Jurassic Park carts including a handful of CIB copies and a PAL version CIB. I will also include the schlue of other Jurassic Park games: gameboy CIB, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn CIB copies. Also have a CIB Jurassic Park 2 and sealed JP 2 for snes that will be included. And a laser disk movie for kicks and giggles. Fridge and Bacardi not included

Water and shock resisting 10400 mAh USB battery

UNIFUN Battery

My favorite portable battery yet, the UNIFUN is the sturdiest pack I've found. This 10400 mAh battery is perfect for use on a bicycle, motorcycle or camping.

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John Nash, famed mathematician, dies in road accident

johnnash "John Forbes Nash Jr., the brilliant Princeton University mathematician whose life story was the subject of the film "A Beautiful Mind," was killed with his wife Alicia on Saturday in a crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Previously.

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Mad Max mocks machismo

Mad Max: Fury Road makes fools of the mens' rights activists who saw earlier entires in the series as a glorification of powerful men. After all, they're wrong about that, too, as perfectly explained by Tina Turner, above.

Remixing Taylor Swift to talk about women in tech

Sumana writes, " As Julie Pagano put it: 'So many 'diversity in tech' efforts are about getting young women into the pipeline; ignore the fact that there's a meat grinder at the end.'"

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Stream Machine water cannon - high pressure fun

The genius of these Stream Machine water cannons is their simplicity. A single moving part — a big fat piston with handle grip — squeezes a wide stream of water down and out their large diameter tubes. Filling them you reverse, sucking in water via the same orifice. When loaded (takes about 2 seconds) they gush water at least 30 feet. Impossible to clog, and nearly unbreakable, both kids and adults can operate them around pools, lakes, rafts, canoes and boats. These are the regulation-issued weapons at our place.

See more photos at Wink Fun.

What Sony and Spotify's secret deal really looks like

The nitty-gritty details of Sony's deal with Spotify paint a picture of a very lopsided negotiation indeed, with Sony commanding an unbelievable "most favored nation" status from the streaming music provider that entitles it to top-up payments to match other labels whose music is more popular on the service.

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The end of the world is just the beginning in NEAL STEPHENSON's new novel


The #1 New York Times bestselling author, known for Anathem (the Locus Award winner for Best Science Fiction Novel that the New York Times called “immensely entertaining”) and Reamde (which Cory Doctorow called “a triumph” in these pages) strikes again with exactly the kind of complex and mind-altering epic you’d hope for.

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Amazon will finally start paying tax in the UK

The company will abandon the pretense that its UK sales are consummated in Luxembourg and that the money floats in a state of taxless grace in the middle of the Irish Sea.

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These Women Have Crossed the Line: 30 activists cross North Korea DMZ for peace

In an historic move, a group of global feminist activists march into the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea to create a space for a new type of conversation about truly ending the Korean war.Read the rest

The Lying Carpet – A contemporary philosophical fable that questions reality

The Lying Carpet is a truly beautiful picture book, offering up philosophical questions in a way that makes them not just accessible to pre-teens, but interesting for adults as well. The touching narrative and unusual characters – which include a talking carpet and a number of other quirky surprises – were more than enough to keep hold of my attention. The story concerns a young girl who wakes up as a statue and finds herself being comforted by the only other person in the room – a talking rug in the shape of a tiger. Together they speak about the nature of reality and how it is possible to measure the reality of your own life, and although these themes might be complicated for their intended audience, they are handled with remarkable sensitivity.

With muted colors and soft lines, Lucas’s art tells the story well. Looking closer into the pictures often uncovers details that went unnoticed on the first read through, allowing subsequent reads to offer something new. The Lying Carpet can be read for its philosophical content, as a contemporary fable, or simply as a whimsical and charming story full of creative twists and light humour. This ensures that it offers something for every reader, so families can enjoy following the story together, with the content inspiring thought and discussion across the generations. – Cleo Chalk

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Awesome spooky housewares

Dellamorte & Co does a fine line of handmade, spooky-gothy housewares and fashion items, including this gorgeous vampire bat vase.

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Hedge funds buy swathes of foreclosed subprimes, force up rents, float rent-bonds

When a giant hedge fund is bidding on all the foreclosed houses in a poor neighborhood, living humans don't stand a chance -- but that's OK, because rapacious investors make great landlords.

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Silk: wonderfully simple psychedelic art generator


Silk is a lovely interactive generative art web app. Created by Yuri Vishnevsky with audio by Mat Jarvis, it's also available as an iOS app. Silk

Top three most popular dogs by US State


MentalFloss put together some quick infographics sharing which dogs we love most, by US State. My Great Pyr, Nemo, ranks in at 73rd "most popular" with the AKC, unlike others the AKC knows the Pyr is smart.