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Kid yanks tooth out of her own mouth with help from a slingbow

Alexis Davidson, 11, is losing a tooth. So to speed matters along, she ties a slingbow to the tooth, and fires the bow, and poof, the tooth is pulled out of her mouth. Slow motion footage shot by her father Jason Mcdonald shows Alexis nervously pulling the bow back and letting go as her tooth is yanked out.

Alexis shows no sign of pain when jumping up and down after the successful operation in her backyard in Aurora, Colorado.


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A homeless man sings Styx's “Come Sail Away” and crushes it

Donald Gould became a viral celebrity after this video of him performing a classic rock anthem exploded on Facebook. He is homeless.

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Star Trek paperclips

$20 gets you 40 clips, half in the shape of the Starfeelt insignia, the other half shaped like the Enterprise.

Relax, Sarah Palin just solved California's drought crisis


People smart enough to pay $99.99 a year to subscribe to the Sarah Palin Channel learned that their winking maverick hero has solved the California drought crisis.

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Isis Adventure: Worst. Puzzle. Ever.

The thing positively oozes mystery and the promise of an exciting intellectual adventure. Alas.Read the rest

EFF's new certificate authority publishes an all-zero, pre-release transparency report

EFF, Mozilla and pals are launching Let's Encrypt, an all-free certificate authority, in September -- but they've released a transparency report months in advance.

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Bocce ball – A summer evening lawn game that is simple yet competitively addictive

Bocce ball is my favorite game to play on a long summer evening. A simple lawn game that is at least 7,000 years old, bocce ball has no set up, takes a second to learn, and is a competitively addictive game. What I love most is that it gets my family/friends and me to enjoy fun time outdoors.

Here are the rules in a nutshell: The game traditionally comes with eight balls – four green and four red – as well as a much smaller white ball called the jack, or pallino. Someone tosses the jack across the lawn. Then players take turns bowling their ball towards the jack. Whoever gets closest to the jack scores a point. First person or team to score seven points wins the game. It’s that simple! But if you want a bit more detail on the rules, you’ll find them inside the game’s black bag, or you can check out this nicely illustrated WikiHow page.

Note: This particular brand offers a "standard set" (3.5" diameter poly-resin balls) and a "full size" set (3.93" diameter poly-resin balls), both which come in a black carrying case. I prefer the extra weight of the full size, which gives the balls a much better feel and roll, and they cost just a dollar more.

See more photos and ordering info at Wink Fun.

Home Bartending: Celebrate July 4th with these 1776-era cocktails


Although the word "cocktail" wasn't coined until the 1800s, mixed drinks were all the rage when America got its independence. Many were made with rum or whiskey, and punch was the term du jour. Both refreshing and timeless, why not toast the weekend with these 3 smashing cocktails of yesteryear?

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Haunted Mansion Graveyard Scene made from My Little Ponies

Silverband 7 executed an outstanding, spectacular rendition of Marc Davis's character-design masterpiece, the graveyard scene from the Haunted Mansion, using modded and scratch-built My Little Pony toys.

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Bloated corpse of Colonel Sanders to star in KFC comic


Announced on Twitter, the Colonel's Adventures will be offered exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con (and therefore eBay within minutes of the doors opening.) You can have it signed at any branch of KFC by rubbing it on a greasy mass of their finest poultryform crude protein.

Wall mount adapter with 3 A/C outlets and 2 USB charging ports


I ordered this for our kitchen. We keep an iPad on the counter (great for recipes) and my wife likes to listen to podcasts on her iPhone when she's in the kitchen. It's $14 on Amazon.



Reddit moderators revolt over sacking of popular admin

redditalienA number of Reddit communities were effectively shut down last night to protest the unexpected departure of staffer Victoria Taylor, an important liaison between Reddit's employees and its army of volunteer moderators.

Best obituary

obit Bye Doug.

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Kid tries to take photo of woman with laptop camera, woman covers lens (110 BC)


"The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect to their elders.... They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and are tyrants over their teachers." - Not Aristotle Socrates Plato

Image: Gravestone of a woman with her slave child-attendant (Greek, c. 100 BC) - detail. Getty Villa, Usa [via]

Photoset of the legendary "Nintendo" Play Station


Sony's classic console was originally envisaged as part of a collaboration with then-market leader Nintendo. It went its own way, and the rest is history. Here's a look at a rarely-pictured prototype, though, thanks to imgur user DanDiebold. [via]

Cosmo writer tries male stripper lifestyle for a week

With the lead-up to the Magic Mike XXL movie, Cosmo sex writer Frank Kobola felt like he could use a makeover, from lightweight writer physique to the ripped body of a male stripper. So he asked an employee from a strip club that inspired Magic Mike to be his mentor. For one week, Devon, from La Bare strip club in Texas, put Frank on a strict stripper-style regimen that focused on diet, exercise and grooming.

His diet included tons of vitamins and supplements, as well as six meals a day  that started off with seven egg whites and oatmeal. Frank had a hard time gorging on so much food.

These aren't snacks. It's not like he has three square meals and then some peanuts or a handful of popcorn. This dude eats breakfast, then a chicken breast, then grilled fish, then another fish, then a steak, then a chicken breast. Every day. I love food, but I was not looking forward to my stomach exploding by meal four.

His exercise included two workouts a day, one before work and one after work.

I woke up at 5 a.m to get in my workout before work, so I already hated it. I don't know what's worse: waking up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym, or waking up at 5 a.m. to go the gym knowing that you'll be going to the gym again at night.

As for grooming, he was thankful he didn't have to wax. Still, he had to keep it clean down there, which meant taking "a razor to my balls" every day.

Was living the male stripper lifestyle sexy in any way? According to Frank, "literally nothing sexy happened to me."

For the full, humorous account of Frank's week of a stripper in training, check out his column on Cosmopolitan.