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Despite Sen. Burr's scheming, the ACLU's still fighting to get the entire Senate torture report released

U.S. Army Military Police escort a detainee to his cell during in-processing to the temporary detention facility at Camp X-Ray in Naval Base Guantanamo Bay (Reuters)

U.S. Army Military Police escort a detainee to his cell during in-processing to the temporary detention facility at Camp X-Ray in Naval Base Guantanamo Bay (Reuters)

Josh Bell of the American Civil Liberties Union tells Boing Boing,

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Greece's new finance minister used to be Valve's games economist

Yanis Varoufakis used to manage in-game economies in games like Counter-Strike; now he's finance minister for a Greek government that has set its sights on reforming the entire basis of austerity and debt service in the Eurozone.

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A beginner's guide to the Redpill Right

The gnostic paradox of young, tech-savvy traditionalists, who see through everything except their own conspiracy theories

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How to cut a bell pepper without getting seeds everywhere

A good video that shows you how to prep a pepper for cutting.

FCC to hotels: WiFi blocking is prohibited

Megan Geuss: "Persons or businesses causing intentional interference to Wi-Fi hotspots are subject to enforcement action. Previously.

Custom "Feminist Killjoy" glitter banner

If you don't need this banner, you're probably doing it wrong: $36 from Unicorn Parade of Vancouver. (via Mary Sue)

Google fought gag order over Wikileaks emails

The company says that it fought the warrants and their gag orders, and the reason they weren't able to follow Twitter's suit by disclosing the warrants' existence was that prosecutors were furious over the public backlash when Twitter got to disclose.

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A fake Harvard diploma costs $650

Zack Crockett of Pricenomics looks at the fake diploma business.

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Watch a video of people watching a VR porn video

Here's a video of people wearing the Oculus Rift VR goggles and watching 3D VR porn. Language is NSFW.

X-ray shows SpongeBob SquarePants inside of child

A youngster in Saudi Arabi swallowed a SpongeBob SquarePants pendant and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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Rowlf the Dog covers Biz Markie's "Just a Friend"

It's an amazing piece of video editing/lip-syncing, right up there with Sesame Street Sure Shot.

Canada's spies surveil the whole world's downloads

A newly released Snowden leak jointly published by the CBC and The Intercept documents Canada's Communications Security Establishment's LEVITATION program, which spies on 15 million downloads from P2P, file lockers, and popular file distribution sites.

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Video of what it was like at a massive underground UK rave in 1994

New Year's Eve 1994, the Strictly Underground Rave, held at London's Wembley Stadium. Some 10,000 people attended.

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Watch Beachbot make large-scale sand drawings

Disney Research teamed with ETH Zürich students to create Beachbot, a robot that creates pre-programmed sand drawing.

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Flowers in ice


Azuma Makoto's "Iced Flowers" is a time-based installation of flowers in frozen blocks that "change themselves over time."

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Red pandas get very excited about apples

These red pandas at a Japanese zoo are very, very interested in the apples and grapes their caretaker has brought them.

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Supermarket spaceships from the 1950s


In the 1950s, massive model spaceships sponsored by food brands traveled the highways and byways of America between grocery stores and state fairs to delight a public excited about our spacefaring future.

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British recipe evokes all the flavor of congealed deer pee

Cuisine at its finest. via

"When arts die, they turn into hobbies."


Author Michael Lind weighs in with this thought-provoking essay about what happens when an art form shrinks to a niche market. Using literature and architecture as examples, he organizes major and minor arts horizontally, based on audience size:

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Journalists! Activists! Nominate your worst FOIA horror stories

Dave Maass at the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to experience bureaucratic obfuscation and evasion—vicariously, though you.

This year, EFF is setting out to recognize the most outrageous responses to Freedom of Information Act and state open records act requests. We are calling it The Foilies and we need journalists, citizen nominations for these dubious honors.

Send your nominations to foilies at by Feb. 20, 2015. Recipients of these dubious awards will be announced during Sunshine Week in March.

Temporary tattoos from your Instagram


Picatoo is a new service that turns your Instagram images into temporary tattoos. According to the site, they last about seven days. It costs $15 for 12 tattoos.

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder, commercial quality grinder that fits on your counter

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

In the eight years I've been grinding my own coffee, I've burned out the motor on three grinders: a cheap blade grinder, then a Cuisinart burr grinder, and finally a Capresso grind 'n brew. Either consumer-level grinders are poorly made, or my workload of 4-5 pots of filter coffee per week plus the occasional enemy (no space for a wood chipper in my city apartment) is too intense. Having spent more than $300 on now busted grinders I decided to investigate what it would take to acquire a grinder that I might reasonably expect to last for a decade.

The Rocky has commercial grade grinding burrs and is rated at 7.7 lbs per hour. Rancilio refers to the Rocky as "quiet during operation", and maybe it is in a relative sense, but I've yet to find a device that crushes things at a volume level approaching "serene". It is slightly less obnoxious than my previous grinders at close range.

Though I was sufficiently assured that the grinder would stand up to my usage, the quality that tipped the scales towards the Rocky is one most coffee nerd sites don't mention: height. At 13.8" tall, the Rocky is much shorter than most prosumer grinders, and it was the only grinder of its quality that fits easily under my shelves. I've had it for two years at this point and it still grinds as if I'd just taken it out of the box.

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder ($363)

If Facebook is down, don't call 911


When Facebook went down on Monday, five people (FIVE!!!) in the Easy Bay Area alone called 911.

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Drone captures pod of dolphins surfing in unison

“Huge pods of bottlenose dolphins cruise the shoreline and surf the crystal clear turquoise waves.”

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Pet lizard greets man happily, like a dog would

This video is tripping me out hard.

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United website breach let fliers see each others' private data

Alice Taylor could have requested a very expensive upgrade on your behalf. The airline isn’t saying why.

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Sci-Fest LA is back!

Sci-Fest LA, an incredible one act science fiction play festival held in Los Angeles, is back for 2015! The team needs help with funding this amazing program.

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What Should I Read Next? Suggestions based on books you enjoyed


What Should I Read Next? suggests books, similar to the algorithm used on sites like Netflix and Amazon based on your use patterns and ratings.

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This drone's-eye video of Ireland's western coast is lovely.

“When land meets sea and nature and beauty collide, the result is a varied and majestic coastline, unique to the West of Ireland.”

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Watch ibex herds use a near-vertical dam as a salt lick

Lake Cingino in the Italian Alps has a near-vertical dam that attracts ibex herds, who climb out on the dam hundred of feet up to lick minerals from the rocks. More acrophobia-inducing footage below:

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