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Be in a Treehouse: design and construction tips for arboreal living

Thanks to his TV show, Treehouse Masters, Pete Nelson is probably the best-known treehouse designer and builder in America.

His book, Be in a Treehouse, has photos of 27 beautiful treehouses from around the world, including many of his own design. He includes sketches, design notes, tips, and general observations useful to anyone contemplating building their own backyard treehouse.

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Music: "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," Frankie Valli (1975)

That jacket is amazing.

Enjoy this joyful movie dancing supercut

Sure it doesn’t include every great dancing scene in cinematic history, but this joyful supercut is still the perfect celebration of onscreen choreography.

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What it's like to teach evolution at the University of Kentucky

James Krupa has taught University of Kentucky non-science majors their required biology course for 20 years, and he views the job as a mission, to undo the cowardice or squeamishness or lack of rigor that leads Kentucky's children to arrive at university never having learned the foundations of evolution, on which the whole edifice of biology rests.

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Prisoner escapes by faking an email ordering his release

Neil Moore was locked up in England's notorious Wandsworth Prison when he used a smuggled cellphone to send an email to the prison that appeared to come from a court clerk who was ordering his release on parole.

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NSA-proof passwords

The Intercept's Micah Lee explains how to use Diceware's to generate a passphrase that can survive the NSA's trillion-guess-per-second cracking attempts -- but which can still be easily memorized.

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Will people on the street drink raw eggs like Rocky Balboa?

eggsRob Cockerham says: "I set up a table in Sacramento and challenged people to drink raw eggs like Rocky does in the movie. 60 eggs gone in less than two hours. I could have easily given out 100 more that night.

Unlearning, laser eyes, and reptilian false flags

In this episode of the You Are Not so Smart Podcast you will hear an excerpt from a lecture I gave at DragonCon2014 all about unlearning, superseded scientific theories, post-hoc rationalization, just-so stories, laser eyes, goose trees, spanking and more.

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Let's compare the backgrounds of science writers for Fox and NPR

fauxGhostofAlyeska says he was "simply curious who Fox News' science reporters are. I wanted to know what kind of scientific backgrounds they might have."

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New Robert Williams art book signing this weekend in Los Angeles


Bob Self says: "Godfather of Lowbrow (although he prefers the term "Feral Art”) and founder of Juxtapoz magazine Robert Williams will be signing a limited number of his forthcoming art book Slang Aesthetics at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery this Saturday, March 28th at 2:00 PM. The gallery is currently exhibiting his epic new collection of paintings and sculpture. It’s well with a trip to Barnsdall Park to see the remarkable work in all of its eye-popping and thought-provoking glory, and the signing this weekend will be the first time the book is available anywhere. Books were flown from the factory specifically for this signing, and won’t be widely available until the end of next month."




I took a bunch of photos from the exhibition, which features work by Williams and dozens of other low brow/pop surrealists: IMG_6164 IMG_6211 IMG_6209 IMG_6206 IMG_6204 IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6201 IMG_6198 IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6195 IMG_6194 IMG_6193 IMG_6192 IMG_6191 IMG_6190 IMG_6189 IMG_6188 IMG_6187 IMG_6185 IMG_6184 IMG_6183 IMG_6182 IMG_6181 IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_6178 IMG_6177 IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6174 IMG_6173 IMG_6172 IMG_6171 IMG_6170 IMG_6168 IMG_6166 IMG_6167 IMG_6165 IMG_6163

Map of all the locations in Tom Waits' songs


The Tom Waits Map.Click on a pindrop to see the Tom Waits lyric associated with the location. (Thanks, Colin!)

On House floor, Rep. Conyers praises burglars who broke into FBI office in 1971

J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the US FBI.

J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the US FBI.

Well, this is interesting.

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Top homeland security Congressjerk only just heard about crypto, and he doesn't like it

Rep John Carter [R-TX] chairs Homeland Security Appropriations and sits on Defense subcommittees, but he only found out that encryption exists when FBI Director James Comey gave bizarre congressional testimony about the coming Bad Times if we're allowed to know about math.

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It's Baby Hippo Friday you guys here are some videos of a 3-day-old hippopotamus

He just turned three days old, at the San Diego Zoo.

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That feel when some guy is moaning and grunting in the gym

Thanos Films re-enacts what it's like when some jerk is screaming and moaning in the gym.

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Marin's Dale, a very creepy novella

Marin's Dale

Sleepy Marin's Dale, Colorado has been struck by an unnatural catastrophe. Something not of this Earth has come to challenge the town in this crazy, creepy horror!

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Youtube and Nintendo conspire to steal from game superfans

Youtube's stilted, one-sided dispute resolution system allows game companies like Nintendo to confiscate the earnings of gamers who produce hugely popular "Let's Play" videos.

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Lobbyist claims Monsanto Roundup ingredient Glyphosate safe to drink, then refuses to drink it


A lobbyist who has been making the media rounds saying the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer is safe for humans to drink refuses to drink glyphosate when a French TV news host offers him a glass.

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The beauty of Scandinavian design

A stupefying collection of design from the patchwork of Northern European nation states vaguely known as “Scandinavia,” Scandinavian Design is both eye candy and an education.

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Original songs that Blondie covered

I love Blondie, and it was fun to listen to the original versions of songs that Blondie covered: "The Tide is High," "Hanging on the Telephone," and "Denis."

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Inject this substance in your eyes for night vision

night-eyesA group of biohackers is injecting a substance called Chlorin e6 into their eyes to give them temporary night vision.

Did it work? Yes. It started with shapes, hung about 10 meters away. "I'm talking like the size of my hand," Licina says. Before long, they were able to do longer distances, recognizing symbols and identifying moving subjects against different backgrounds.

"The other test, we had people go stand in the woods," he says. "At 50 meters, we could figure out where they were, even if they were standing up against a tree." Each time, Licina had a 100% success rate. The control group, without being dosed with Ce6, only got them right a third of the time.

DEA agents enjoyed sex parties funded by drug cartels

deaHow do you deal with DEA agents who participate in sex parties with prostitutes funded by Colombian drug cartels? By giving some of them suspensions of two to 10 days.

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San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy ring accused of pit-fighting inmates

San Francisco sheriff's deputy Scott Neu is accused of leading a ring of corrupt jail guards who coerced prisoners into gladiatorial combat with threats of rape and violence.

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Excuses for not putting a woman on a U.S. banknote

US_$20_1929_Federal_Reserve_Bank_Note "How Hard Would It Be to Change the Face on the $20?" asks Jaime Fuller. All choices, unfortunately, are "bound to cause political tantrums."

Cool "found sound" projects

The ongoing multi-media project Art Assignment enlists professional artists to create unique artistic “assignments” and then challenges everyday people to complete them.

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The electronic music of tomorrow

linnstrument straight, noaka 8-26-14-crop-u15412Roger Linn invented a brilliant new keyboard, sensitive to touch in three dimensions, for playing electronic music. Wired's Rene Chun covers how the Linnstrument has progressed since its debut.

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GOP congresswoman's attempt to badmouth Obamacare backfires

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Washington) asked her constituents to share their horror stories of Obamacare-caused "lost coverage, lost doctors, increased premiums, and a broken website" on Facebook. But to McMorris Rodgers' horror, most people shared non-horror stories about their Obamacare experiences.

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