Orthodox Rabbi declares cloned pork kosher

Yummy! Cloned meat is not subject to the same dietary restrictions as normal, factory farmed pork says Rabbi Yuval Cherlow of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization.

Via JTA:

A prominent Orthodox rabbi in Israel said that meat from a genetically cloned pig would be kosher for consumption by Jews, including when eaten with dairy products.

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow told Ynet in an interview published Wednesday that cloned meat is not subject to the rules that apply to the consumption of regular meat.

Cherlow is quoted as saying that “cloned meat produced from a pig shall not be defined as prohibited for consumption – including with milk.”

In the interview, Cherlow of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization appears to be talking about meat that is grown artificially in a laboratory from the cells of a pig rather than meat produced from a live pig whose genetic material comes from a cell from which the pig was cloned. However, the article does not quote him as making the distinction.

In the interview ahead of a Bar-Ilan University symposium titled “Science and Halacha” featuring a talk by Cherlow, he advocated rabbinic approval of cloned meat “so that people would not starve, to prevent pollution, and to avoid the suffering of animals.”

When the “cell of a pig is used and its genetic material is utilized in the production of food, the cell in fact loses its original identity and therefore cannot be defined as forbidden for consumption,” Cherlow said. “It wouldn’t even be meat, so you can consume it with dairy.”

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Hannukah Ham

Mike sends us, "Photo of supermarket shelf tag advertising boneless ham as 'Delicious for Chanukah.'"

Yes, yes, I know. Some wag at the supermarket moved the "Delicious for Chanukah" sign over by the ham. But imagine what a breakthrough it would be if, through some GM miracle, a Kosher ham could be made, and then served at Channukah, perhaps with latkes (you could use the applesauce for both!). Imagine.

Unusual Chanukah suggestion

(Thanks, Mike!)

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