Stash your valuables in this DIY spray paint can safe

Sure you could buy a pre-made spray paint can safe but what's the fun in that? I mean, it doesn't appear to be that difficult to craft one of your own out of an empty can.

Besides the used can, you just need a can opener*, PVC coupling, two-part epoxy, sticky-back craft foam, masking tape, and a rotary tool with sandpaper attachments. This tutorial by Instructables user seamster shows you how.

*I'm wondering if one of these Tupperware can openers would work better to take off the bottom of the can. It pops the seal off of (regular food) cans instead of cutting into them which means there are no jagged edges. Read the rest

Street artist paints photorealistic mylar ballon murals

Swedish street artist Huge creates a lot of cool stuff, but he's best know for his balloon art that looks like those novelty letter-shaped mylar balloons in various levels of inflation. Read the rest

Extreme closeups of spray paint caps used for a cosmic mural

μcapsmic zooms in on the found at of spray paint caps used to paint a mural of the Star Child from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Used and naturally clogged in the most random ways possible, these spray paint caps were once indistinguishable from one another to the human eye and untouched by the human hand in the making. Now, each of them is considered to be small-scale models of the Universe that they created it. The first part showed here is a selection of six clogged spray paint caps that were used to create the stellar mural "StarChild (Genesis)".

μcapsmic - A Vision of Cosmos (Vimeo / The Orion) Read the rest