There's a cool Ignite Live event tonight at 6pm PT

I've had the pleasure of attending several Ignite events. They consist of a bunch of five-minute lightning talks on a wide variety of topics. You can watch previous talks here.

There is a live-streamed Ignite event happening tonight at 6 PM Pacific Time and the lineup looks intriguing.

The topics include historical tales of fancy pigeon feather theft, how to micro-dose, and how to get safely arrested while protesting the hegemony. Plus, we'll be joined by an epidemiologist from UNC and the woman who's been adding art to SF's boarded-up storefronts.

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Our speakers: Hope Williams - Coordinated Acts of Civil Disobedience Monica Guzman - 7 words to keep your world from shrinking Cecily Mak - C L E A R L I F E Kelly Jensen - Fancy Pigeons Are a Thing Chris Taylor - The how, what and why of microdosing Jeremy Conrad - The History of Cocktail Paula Chowles - The Art of Documentary Filmmaking in a Streaming World Mya Roberson - When COVID-19 and racism collide Inga Bard - Birthing a Renaissance Robert Strong - Learn How the Brain is Tricked While Learning a Trick Connie Yang - Modern matriarchal societies Kevin Kelly - Journey in a Time Machine Mellina White Cusack - Attention White People: Your #BLM memes are not enough

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