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I bought a neat book

I bought a neat book called Painted Rocks which comes with six colors of paint and one rock. Here's my first attempt. (click on link for bigger image.) Link Discuss

I want somebody to start

I want somebody to start a website that features funny or embarrassing SirCam attachments. Anyone know if there is such a site? Discuss

Dr. Jan Bondeson is a

Dr. Jan Bondeson is a physician at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology in London who moonlights as an author of cool books about medical curiosities and wonders of nature! His latest is "Buried Alive: The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear." Link

The Micro-Ecological Life Support Alternative

The Micro-Ecological Life Support Alternative is essentially a compost heap for spaceships! Link

U.S. seniors are telling Uncle

U.S. seniors are telling Uncle Sam to shove it by purchasing their drugs from Canadian prescription sites. Link Discuss

Dumbass nerd infighting. The hacker

Dumbass nerd infighting. The hacker clan that discovered a vulnerability in telnet on BSD and created an exploit to demonstrate the extent of the bug are all hottenbothered because Bugtraq, a venerable security-alert mailinglist posted the exploit, despite a header that forbade such action. Now, the leet haxors want to sue the company that publishes BugTraq, despite the fact that the exploit is circulating all over the net in the usual places -- irc, gnutella, etc.-- because they're worried that publication of their exploit exposes them to liabiity if it's used to trash a server. In reality, I suspect that this is more security geek schisming -- every security guy i know has something disparaging to say about {bugtraq|comp.risks|Bruce Schneier|etc}. Near as I can make out, it all comes down to dick-swinging. Link Discuss

Tokyo DisneySea, the latest Disney

Tokyo DisneySea, the latest Disney theme park, is set to open.
The new park is divided into seven theme areas, with more than 23 attractions--including a storm simulator and a volcano-themed roller coaster--33 restaurants and a luxury hotel. The park will feature water rides similar to Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean at existing Disneyland parks, but it will be based on cartoon characters from "Aladdin," "The Little Mermaid" and the "Indiana Jones" movies.
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A full set of Harry

A full set of Harry Potter characters, furnishings and settings for The Sims. Link Discuss (via Exciting Monkeybum Stories for Boys and Girls)

Everybody wants animated lenticular images

Everybody wants animated lenticular images of winking girls, don't they? Link Discuss

Disney sends bullying letters to

Disney sends bullying letters to Anahiem merchants warning them to buy $3000 season tickets to its stupid hockey team... or else. Link Discuss

This is hands-down the coolest

This is hands-down the coolest thing I've seen on the Internet in like, a month. A 25MB Quicktime clip (you have been warned) of the trailer for a remake of The Princess Bride, reenacted with rubber sharks. Rubber. Sharks. I nearly shat myself laughing. This kicks so very much ass. Link Discuss (via MeFi)

MyPhysicsLab: groovy interactive animations illustrate

MyPhysicsLab: groovy interactive animations illustrate the principles of physics. Link Discuss

OK, I like Disney, but

OK, I like Disney, but this guy makes me look like a punter. 1,005 Disney tattoos, a house furnished with all-Mickey tchotchkes. Yikes. Link Discuss (via Memepool)

RIP, Wau Holland, founder of

RIP, Wau Holland, founder of the legendary hacker clan, the Chaos Computer Club.
Even the first famous CCC hack never would have happened had the German postal and telecommunications authority heeded Holland's and Wernery's warning that they had found a security hole in the Btx network. To make their point, the pair hacked into the system using the password of the Hamburg savings bank and ran up the equivalent of roughly US$50,000 in credit to the CCC account. Then they went to the media with the story, which caused a major stir in West Germany.
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ZDnet is reporting that Amazon

ZDnet is reporting that Amazon is de-ephamsizing its auction biz, possibly prepatory to phasing it out altogether. Link Discuss

Things must be tough: Lucent

Things must be tough: Lucent is selling off its private golf course (and, I hear, one of their jets, and I think, a helicopter? Jesus, these guys had the whole set). Link Discuss

The Pogues' Shane McGowan on

The Pogues' Shane McGowan on Salon today.
MacGowan wears pain and pleasure on his sleeve, along with beer stains, cigarette burns and the remnants of some long-forgotten curry. In Chicago, he once threw up onstage in midset fronting for his new band the Popes, and resumed singing without a hitch. When he broke up with the Pogues, U2's Bono, one of a passel of celebrity admirers that includes Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp and Nick Cave, let him dry out at his Martello tower in Dublin. Just over a year ago, the Guardian reported that MacGowan was admitted to a fancy rehab facility after his pal, Sinéad O'Connor, called the cops on him -- allegedly because he was hooked on heroin, a rumor MacGowan later denied after he was ejected from said dry-out program for reasons unknown. O'Connor told reporters that she feared for MacGowan's life, but MacGowan shrugged off the whole incident as if that sort of thing happens every day in his world. "I might as well clear up the fact that she [O'Connor] has made out that I was lying on the floor in a coma," he told the Guardian. "Whereas in fact I was sitting on the sofa having a G and T and watching a Sam Peckinpah movie, 'Cross of Iron.'"
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