DIY Krispy Kreme box face shield

For your next crafternoon: Make yourself a face shield with an empty Krispy Kreme box. YouTuber Andy Clockwise shows you how with this tutorial. First step, eat 12 donuts.

screengrab via Andy Clockwise/YouTube

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New Krispy Creme in Ireland causes so much boisterous excitement, the shop had to shut down their drive-thru

Krispy Kreme opened a 24-hour drive-thru in Dublin, and the Irish city couldn't contain itself. Long lines of endless cars waited to order their donuts, sometimes honking in excitement at each other in the middle of the night. After just one week, the donut shop had to shut down their drive-thru at 11:30 PM. Take a look at (or, rather, listen to) the festive honkers that surely kept the city awake at all hours of the night.

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Enjoy this hypnotic video of Krispy Kreme doughnuts being made

INSIDER takes you inside the doughnut making process at a Krispy Kreme location in Burbank, California. It’s enough to make you want to order a whole bouquet of doughnuts.

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