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Bookmarklets are the best browsing

Bookmarklets are the best browsing tools I've ever found. They are fiendishly clever. You also don't need to download anything and they work cross-platform. Thank you Bookmarklets! Link

I worked in a comic

I worked in a comic book store from age 12-16. Back then, comic readers were in one of two camps: Jack Kirby fans or Neal Adams fans. You couldn't like both artists at the same time. (And if you said you did, it was a dead giveaway that you really didn't understand comics). I was a Kirby fan. Still am. So I was gratified to read this long Wired article about Neal Adams, who has just published his own science book with his crackpot theory about the origins of matter in the universe. It gives me yet another reason to ridicule him. Link

bOING bOING buddy Terre Thaemlitz

bOING bOING buddy Terre Thaemlitz just finished a new video based on his latest electroacoustic music album, Interstices. Link "Candidly investigate the interstices between genders, sexual orientations, and other identity constructs." And don't forget to buy a complete set of Terre's revolutionary and fashionable Sanriot t-shirts! Link

Here's my article for The

Here's my article for The Industry Standard about writer Harlan Ellison's attempts to stop people from trading his stories online. Link

Nice little bio on Albert

Nice little bio on Albert Frey, an amazing architect from Switzerland who moved to Palm Springs in the 1930s and designed 250 buildings there. He was generally disparaged and later forgotton until a few years before his death at the age of 95. Link

"Turns on a dime and

"Turns on a dime and parks on a nickel." This new microbot developed at Sandia is only 1/4 cubic inch in size! Link It reminds me of UC Berkeley telerobotics pioneer John Canny's idea that thousands of microbots gobbling up dust particles would make a more practical and efficient "robot maid" than Rosie from the Jetsons!

My new sigfile: The information

My new sigfile:

The information contained in this communication is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed[1] and others authorized to receive it[2]. It may[3] contain confidential or legally privileged[4] information. If you are not the intended recipient[5] you are hereby notified that any disclosure[6], copying[7], distribution[8] or taking any action in reliance on the contents[9] of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful[10]. If you have received this communication in error[11], please notify us immediately by responding to this email[12] and then delete it from your system[13]. OpenCola is neither liable for the proper and complete transmission of the information contained in this communication[14] nor for any delay in its receipt.[15]


[1] Unless it's something funny that I found on a blog and I'm just forwarding it

[2] I.e. Just about anyone

[3] Or not

[4] IANAL. But I *am* an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. So while you don't get no attorney privilege with me, you may be able to claim some kind of confessor confidentiality. Step into the box and tell me your sins!

[5] I.e., Just about anyone

[6] Except to your SMTP host

[7] Except to your hard-drive as part of your mail-spool

[8] Except from your SMTP host to your mail-spool

[9] I.e., Helping Nigerian generals launder their fortunes, sending postcards to possibly fictitious dying British children, or forwarding bogus but terribly urgent virus warnings

[10] Hey, everything's illegal somewhere!

[11] In other words, if *I* made a mistake, I plan on somehow coercing *you* into doing something about it

[12] Send all such notice to our special "oops" account:

[13] Also, please write random bits to every sector on your drive seven times, dissolve your RAM with sulfuric acid, gouge your eyes out and get a prefrontal lobotomy

[14] Our server has been having problems with overlong .sigs lately

[15] There is no fifteenth footnote

Great consipiracy theories about the

Great consipiracy theories about the failure of keyless remotes and US battleships. Link

What would the ancient Greeks

What would the ancient Greeks have thougt of Rosie O'Donnell and guest Mary Stuart Masterson's opinion on the foolishiness of teaching math in schools? Rosie: "I think there's no way they should have to teach it, now. We have computers. We no longer need to know why 3X equals 2Y over 4. Or if a bus leaves Utah at 4 pm, how many blonde-haired people [are] on it? I mean, how the hell do you figure that out?" Masterson: "And why? Why would you want to know? Leave some things up to chance, you know?" (From the March 23, 2001 Rosie O'Donnell show.)

I want to learn more

I want to learn more about Memory Palaces, the ancient Greek method of remembering things by "placing" information inside specific rooms of huge buildings you construct in your mind. This article talks a bit about the Memory Palace metaphor as it applies to the Network. Link

The stuff urban legends are

The stuff urban legends are made of: A guy misses out on a kidney transplant when a courier delivers an empty box instead of the organ. Link (Thanks, Dave G!)

Q is a keychain containing

Q is a keychain containing 64MB of Flash memory! Link

Hoof-and-mouth causes Disneyland Paris to

Hoof-and-mouth causes Disneyland Paris to quarantine its animals. Link (Thanks, Jonl!)

Gobler Toys is a fictional

Gobler Toys is a fictional toy-company from the golden age of toydom. The site has all of these eerily plausible but utterly crazed toys, including TV commercials for 'em! Link (Thanks, Stefan!)

Cool piece on complexity, flocking

Cool piece on complexity, flocking behaviour and cellular automata. Link (Thanks, Jonl!)

Bojemoi! Eric Raymond (Open Source

Bojemoi! Eric Raymond (Open Source guru, liberatarian, gun-nut, sf fan, author, and maintainer of the Fetchmail project) has posted his Sex Tips for Geeks. Link (Another thanks to Joey!)

Groovy sci-fi USB peripheral for

Groovy sci-fi USB peripheral for your laptop. A clip on, eerie-blue reading lamp that plugs into your USB and draws minimal juice off your laptop. PDF link (Thanks, Joey!)