LayerOne Technology Conference in LA June 12-13

BoingBoing buddy boogah says:
A few of us have been working overtime to get a little technology conference together in Los Angeles. We've tried to make LayerOne an event for both the geek set and the suit in IT and our roster of speakers can back those claims up. In fact, here's a sampling of four of our dozen speakers:

- Danny O'Brien will be rehashing his talk from Emerging Tech 2004 [a crowd favorite] about the work habits of alpha geeks. - Jason Schultz from the EFF talking about the DMCA and how it's stifling innovation. - USC professor Douglas Thomas covering the politics of code. - Dan Kaminsky, author of network toolset Paketto Keiretsu cranking out some more code/theory that's bound to marvel and frighten.

Not bad, eh? There's eight more talks where those four came from. We're currently in the middle of early bird registration - where we're shaving $10 off the $50 door price. That's a weekend's worth of talks and a free beer social on Saturday night for $40.

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Third porn actor tests positive for HIV -- Jessica Dee

Fleshbot says:
[A] third adult performer, Jessica Dee, has also tested positive for HIV. Unlike Lara Roxx, who was just entering the business, Jessica has considerable video and photo experience under her belt. A search for her name at Ask Jolene turns up at least one photoset which seems to match the thumbnail photo of her in the AVN article; you can look that one up yourself if you're as morbidly curious as we were.

"Another Woman Who Worked with Darren James Tests HIV-Positive" (AVN) "Jessica Dee Identified as Third HIV-Positive Performer" (AVN) Jessica Dee (videography @ Search Extreme)

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Bob Moog documentary looks great

The video clips from the new Bob Moog (inventor of the Moog synthesizer) documentary (titled "moog") are very exciting. Can't wait to see it. He says inventing things is a combination of "discovering and witnessing." (As an aside, isn't "Moog" a great name. It has that mod 60s sound that's perfect for a synthesizer. I don't think it would have been as popular had his last name been anything else.) Link Read the rest

BBC TV channel offers programming for pets

From the Guardian: Pet TV "is being billed by the BBC as an attempt to find out what sort of TV programmes, sounds and images animals respond to. The interactive TV service will consist of a looped series of images and sounds, including clips of snooker balls rolling across the green baize, frisbees flying through the air, cat toys and cartoon characters such as Top Cat." Link (Registration required, unless you use the wonderful (Thanks, Carlo!) Read the rest

Patriot Act designed to protect Patriot Act by preventing challenges to it to be made public

Great headline from the Washington Post: "Patriot Act Suppresses News Of Challenge to Patriot Act." It has to do with the ACLU filing a lawsuit challenging something in the Patriot Act, but a different provision in the Patriot Act made it illegal for the ACLU to reveal the lawsuit. Neat! Link Read the rest

Russian MP3 site sells music for about five cents a song

The Sydney Morning Herald spoke to a lawyer about, the Russian company that sells tons of online music by the gigabyte, and he said it is not likely that anyone who buys music from the site could get in trouble.
We sought some advice from a Melbourne barrister and contributor to these pages, Simon Minahan, who practises in the area of intellectual property. His opinion: "There's probably nothing to stop the individual from downloading this material for private use. For end users, the issue is a basic question relevant to acquiring a reproduction of any copyright work: has the rights owner consented?" Even if's asserted licence is bogus, says Minahan, "the end user would seem to have a good basis to argue that he is an innocent infringer, which would mean he isn't liable to damages, although he would still be liable to an order requiring him to destroy or deliver up any copies and an order requiring him to refrain from doing it again."
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Googie landmark threatened with demolition

Seal Beach, California's UFO-shaped Parasol diner, which is kept in pristine 1967 original condition by its owner, is scheduled to be torn down by a shopping mall developer in May. This site has more Parasol pictures, articles, and a link to an online petition. Link (Thanks, Todd!) Read the rest

Mod a disposable cam into a stun-gun

TechTV has a HOWTO for modifying a disposable camera into a stun-gun:
These disposable cameras (about $5 dollars a pop) have a capacitor that can store up to 600 volts of stopping power. When the capacitor discharges those volts, it delivers an amperage comparable to stun guns. Perfect for our shocking device.
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Howard Stern has a secret blog?

Our friends at Gawker mutter into their Xantinis:
America's public enemy #1, radio-dude Howard Stern, made an off-hand remark on this morning's show -- he claims he writes a secret weblog. Stern said he writes as "another character" and that only "about 4 people are in on the joke." OK, he's almost certainly not Rance, who repeatedly claims to be an actor and not a fat guy eating Twinkies in his basement, laughing at a credulous, gossip-starved public.

If anyone out there has candidates for what might be Stern's secret blog, let us know -- if the blogger brags about hurling prosciutto at a stripper's ass, that might be a tip-off.

Link, And see also this previous Boingboing entry about mystery celeblogger "Rance" (George Clooney? Owen Wilson? Jimmy Hoffa? Alf?), Link Read the rest

E-Girl: Hack Your Way to Hollywood

In Wired News today, a story I filed about Heather Robinson -- also known as E-Girl. Her dark tale of following databases to Hollywood dreams broke first in the book Hollywood, Interrupted by Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner.
An America Online customer service rep illicitly surfs the company's customer database, ferrets out private data on celebrity members and then hunts them down online under a false identity, seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Sound like a prelude to prison? Not in the case of Heather Robinson. The former AOL employee managed to parlay privacy violations into useful contacts in Hollywood. With the help of those contacts, Robinson, 25, landed a movie deal, and she's using her toehold in the industry to advance another.

Later this week, Universal Pictures will start filming Robinson's first movie, The Perfect Man, a romantic comedy staring Hillary Duff and Heather Locklear. The film is about a teenage daughter who tries to create a "nonexistent boyfriend for her dejected mother," Robinson said. The story is based on another of her youthful indiscretions when she was 16 -- this one involving a stolen credit card and thousands of dollars of purchases.

Some would say it takes Robinson's level of moxie to succeed in Hollywood. In fact, the favorite legend in the movie business is that of a hard-working kid who starts in the mail room and through ambition, flexible ethical standards and political skill becomes a mogul. Judging by her exploits so far, Robinson is well on her way.

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Reality-TV human baby giveaway, pissed-off Uri Geller claims trademark breach

The ABC-TV program 20/20 will air a contest between five couples on the show this Friday -- the winners get to adopt a real-live, pooping, crying baby. So, let me get this straight. You can't say "fuck," but you can broadcast a raffle for a human being? Snip from SJ Merc story:
"What's that? You say the program and host Barbara Walters have gone too far this time? What do you know about television? ABC knows a winner when it sees it and this is Nielsen gold, my friend. A reality show with a human life on the line -- all disguised as news programming.

Let the other shows have half-naked people betraying each other on a deserted island. Give them the half-naked people eating buckets of bug eyes. And the half-naked people putting up with Donald Trump. And the half-naked people trying to get other half-naked people to marry them."

Link to SJ Merc story, Link to NY Post story (Thanks to several BB readers who pointed to this, including Iain Cooper)

UPDATE: Stop press! The real scandal here? Celebrity spoon-bending psychic Uri Geller is outraged at news of the 20/20 baby giveaway episode. He's planning legal action, and claims he owns a worldwide patent on any reality TV show that involves winning a baby. "I will speak to my patent attorney," says Geller, "I own the idea." Whatever, dear BoingBoing readers, but let me set the record straight: I own the patent on any reality-TV show involving live mudwrestling smackdowns between Uri Geller and Barbara Walters, and I will personally bend the spoon of anyone who forgets it. Read the rest

Look like a film noir babe

Online clothing boutique Danger Dame offers some super-cool retro styles for wannabe vixens. Lace up, slink over to a barstool, and pretend you're in a Raymond Chandler novel with a tragic ending. Link to Danger Dame shop. See also this lush new Taschen book, FILM NOIR. Read the rest

Mathematical patterns in African-American hairstyles

What is the mathematical, fractal relationship between shapes found in beehive honeycombs, a pineapple, tesselating hexagons, and African-American hair braiding? Dr. Gloria Gilmer, founding president of the International Study Group on Ethnomathematics, is glad you asked. Link (Thanks, Siege) Read the rest

Hoax --> Operation Take one for the Country

Following up on this earlier BoingBoing post, BoingBoing reader buddha says:
Single Southern Guy calls out the Operation Take One For The Country crew, claiming the whole thing is a hoax. Why? The radio station, DJs, and broadcast company involved in the interview transcribed on the OTOFTC site don't exist.
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Moblog image import app

BoingBoing reader Joshua says:
A few weeks ago, I read the post you guys made about MoblogUK, a creative commons licensed alternative to TextAmerica. I'd been searching for an alternative for awhile, so I was pretty excited to find it. After switching I wanted a way to get my images from TextAmerica over to the new site at MoblogUK, so I wrote this app to make the process easy. Besides parsing a TextAmerica moblog and sending the entries off to MoblogUK it can also save your TextAmerica entries locally in an XML/XSL case you ever want to do that for some reason!
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Life is tough for game developers, says study

It looks like it's all work and no play for game developers. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has a white paper titled "Quality of Life in the Game Industry: Challenges and Best Practices." Some of the findings:
Crunch time is omnipresent, during which respondents work 65 to 80 hours a week.

The average crunch work week exceeds 80 hours 13% of the time.

Overtime is often uncompensated.

Spouses are likely to respond that "You work too much..." (61.5%); "You are always stressed out." (43.5%); "You don't make enough money." (35.6%)

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Free WiFi in the National Mall

Open Park is a community wireless group that is bringing free, open WiFi to the National Mall in DC, so that the next time you find yourself on the steps of the Supreme Court -- or wandering a Smithsonian building -- you can get online. Link (Thanks, Fred!) Read the rest

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