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Wax anatomy-model cake

Conjurer’s Kitchen created this anatomical wax-model cake for the mad bakers at Eat Your Heart Out. Delicious and educational!

Anatomical Wax Model Cake

Photos from backstage at Disneyland

StoopidTrooper's "Backstage Disneyland" Imgur set is as good a collection of images of the behind-the-scenes action at Disneyland as I've ever seen. I'm especially gratified by all the pics from backstage at the Haunted Mansion, interacting with the animatronics and effects. Also included are some great shots of horseplay with the animals and human animatronics in the Jungle Cruise, and many shots of utility areas, such as boat-storage for the Jungle Cruise. I'm also delighted by all the shots of the control panels for the rides, which are pretty fascinating looks at the one-off interfaces developed by Imagineering to allow semi-trained Orange County teenagers to safely usher some of the wealthiest children on Earth through the bowels of dangerous heavy machinery.

Backstage Disneyland (Thanks, skwiggly!)

Gloria Vanderbilt's fashion tips, 1968

Phil Are Go! spotted a beautiful Gloria Vanderbilt outfit from 1968. As Phil explains it:

It all begins with basic black leggings of black velvet. Everyone knows that less is more.. and less is WAY more when it's velvet. Add to that some thigh-high pirate boots for high-seas practicality and you've got the foundation that will have everyone hoisting their flags! Don't forget some pilgrim buckles or the indians won't share their maize with you.

The blouse is an eighteenth century burial gown with a kicky lace lampshade sewn on as a collar. As you can see, Gloria felt that it was pretty fancy already, but not quite fancy enough without some multicolored ribbons adorning the elegant multi-tiered doily sleeves. We're on a hovercraft to classytown!

Its time for a splash of color, so grab some three-inch satin ribbon and make yourself a bandolier, or sash or whatever. Then, choose a belt of classic simplicity from your belt vault. As you can see, Gloria has chosen her opalized ruby and gold filigree girdle. It gives her a +3 modifier when making saving throws against psionic attacks AND really pops against the red sasholier! The pendant was made from six smaller pendants. If you don't have six pendants, you can just use six of your bottle openers. Be careful when soldering. It's hot!

Top it all off with a shoulder-draped set of striped curtains and you're ready for any occasion. You can wrap the curtains around you if the evening turns chilly or simply give it a shake to punctuate particularly incisive observations.

Gloria Vanderbilt - Relaxed, simple fashion for any occasion.

Shuttle Endeavour transits Los Angeles this weekend, en route to her final resting place

NASA orbiter Endeavour is squeezing her way through tree-stripped streets of Los Angeles this weekend, en route to a permanent retirement home at the California Science Center.

Here's a Google Map of the route, with stopping points. Big shuttle is big. Bigger than the streets that must accommodate her. Basically, the whole thing is like the ultimate slow-speed car chase, but with fewer live news choppers overhead.

Above: BB reader Troy B. Asher caught Endeavour parked in a parking lot today. More of his pix here.

Tusken Raider kids' costume

Ward Jenkins dressed up little Ezra as a Tusken Raider for Hallowe'en, and the effect is WARSOME.

Halloween 2011

Reddit's creepiest character unmasked

Gawker's Adrian Chen unmasks Violentacrez, the man behind subreddits such as "Jailbait", "Creepshots" and "Chokeabitch".

A troll exploits social dynamics like computer hackers exploit security loopholes, and Violentacrez calmly exploited the Reddit hive mind's powerful outrage machine and free speech values at the same time. It was this pattern, repeated to various degrees dozens of times, that made Violentacrez an unlikely hero to many of the white male geeks who make up Reddit's hard core. They saw Violentacrez as a champion in the fight against the oppressive schoolmarms: "He upheld a certain amount of freedom for the worst of us to ensure freedom for all of us," wrote one user in a post mourning his departure. Fans followed him wherever he went on the site.

Reddit should take control of its reputation. Its "common carrier" aspirations—already proven to be unsustainable—seem to prevent it from exercising some much-needed quality control over what moderators do in top subreddits. And lest you think that its hands-off policy is about preventing censorship, remember that links to Gawker are currently banned on some top Reddit-promoted areas such as /r/politics.

Letting creeps and criminals speak for you is no defense of free speech: it's just an invitation to be measured by what they say and do in your name.

California AG publicly shames United Airlines on Twitter over crappy privacy policy

Shum sez, "California Attorney General Kamala Harris has been working to oversee tech companies so they better protect consumer privacy--notably forging an agreement with the 6 leading mobile platforms to require the apps they host have privacy policies--these policies give both the state and individuals standing to sue if they are breached. Today she took one more step to enforce--not by pulling out the stick, but the tweet--with a public call for United Airlines to follow the law and post a policy describing what it will be doing with what private information of individuals that its apps collect."

Cassandra Clare, author and internet-bullying victim, "on hiatuses and hate blogs"

Fantasy author Cassandra Clare, writing about her experience at the receiving end of some fairly serious and organized internet bullying.

These sort of attacks are so shocking/upsetting because they break the social contract we have come to expect decent people to adhere to: that people don’t attack your personal relationships, that they don’t sneer not just at your friends but at the idea that you might have friends, that they don’t attack the way you look or your family or your ethnicity/religion. The thing is, to the hate bloggers, and to the kind of people who send anonymous hateful messages, the object of their hate isn’t a person. To them, I am not a human being. My family are not real people.

Been there. It sucks. (via Maureen Johnson)

Wikileaks "paywall" pisses off Anonymous

Ars Technica reports on the very! major! internet drama brewing between Anonymous and Wikileaks, who once were besties, over Wikileaks/Assange's recent decision to use a front door takeover ad demanding donations from anyone who wanted to access their newest dump. Here's the statement from Anonymous, or at least, some faction thereof.

LocalWiki Antarctica, a crowdsourced map of the icy southern continent

LocalWiki's Philip Neustrom says,

My non-profit, LocalWiki, has been working on this really incredible project to help document the continent of Antarctica. Most notable, at least right now, is this custom map we've pieced together from very-hard-to-find NASA aerial imagery and coastline datasets. It's probably the most beautiful thing I've ever worked on.

Check out the LocalWiki for Antarctica. The project "aims to document the full extent of human involvement on the continent," and for now is focused on a two-mile region surrounding Palmer Station.

Hauntologists mine the past for music's future


You may argue that pop culture has always drawn heavily on nostalgia, and you’d be right, but things have changed. What was once a dim memory, a wobbly VHS tape, a slice of warped vinyl, or a bootleg DVD or CD trading hands amongst enthusiasts has become a towering digital midden so huge that it threatens to impede our view of the future. The growth of online media channels means that the near-entirety of our cultures’ pasts have been excavated and placed on display for anyone to watch, hear, or read in an instant. Hence, hauntology.

At the heart of the musical micro-genre of hauntology is the sense of atemporality that underpins our present culture. Whether it’s musicians pastiching multiple vintage styles in a single track, the endless cycle of remakes and sequels in cinema, or historical genre mashups in pop literature, our future is looking increasingly like our past, which now looks like the future, which looks increasingly like the past, and so on.

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Videos from the HOPE 2004 conference: Jello Biafra, Woz, Schneier, Mitnick and more

2600's Emmanuel Goldstein sez, "Another 78 videos of historical hacker talks have been restored and posted online. The Fifth HOPE conference in 2004 brought together Steve Wozniak, Kevin Mitnick, Bruce Schneier, Jello Biafra and many more in an eclectic and enlightening mix of technical information, security challenges, social issues, and a spirit of fun and rebellion that now can be shared globally for the first time"


iPhone case with my art on it

The fine folks at Twig Case created a new iPhone bamboo case with one of my illustrations on it. I love the way it turned out. (Twig Case also has a stunningly cool Jim Woodring case.)

Pussypus Case - Bamboo $49

Panetta warns of imminent "Cyber Pearl Harbor"

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, speaking this week: “An aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches. They could derail passenger trains, or even more dangerous, derail passenger trains loaded with lethal chemicals. They could contaminate the water supply in major cities, or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country.” Later, he told reporters at the NYT to relax; this imminent threat does not mean he wants to read your email.

Cuffing Season

Internets Celebrities take on the Autumn Mating Season of the New York male. Starring Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam, directed by Casimir Nozkowski. (thanks, Rafi!)

Magical appliance turns hamburger meat into hot dogs

Billions of years from now, in the final seconds before the heat death of the universe snuffs out life for all eternity, the last living creature can take comfort in the fact that we didn't fade away before creating the Ham Dogger. You can experience its magic today for $6.77

Whole Foods visits my house and we make a skateboard

Dark Rye, the online magazine for Whole Foods, came to my house this summer and shot a video of the stuff my daughters and I like to do. They've also included a downloadable version of bOING bOING #1 (published in 1989), and how-to instructions for a couple of projects.

Mark and Daughters in Dark Rye

Massive drug control spending has no effect on addiction rate

Who benefits from the $1.5 trillion that taxpayers have given to the drug law enforcement industry?

En Passant's comment on Balko's blog nails it:

If addiction rates increase, drug warriors need more money to increase their efforts, or to use new and more expensive methods.

If addiction rates decrease, drug warriors need more money because their methods are effective, and more money will eliminate addiction entirely.

Everything You Need To Know About the War on Drugs

This woman died of cancer today.

Via my fellow breast-cancer-traveler @hellojomo, who's waiting on word from her oncologists about her own cancer scans, sad news that a photographer, mom, sister, and fellow person with cancer has died. Her name was Jen Burgess Thompson, and she had ovarian cancer. This beautiful video portrait was created by her friend Benjamin Edwards.

UK surveillance bill: 19,000 letters opposing, 0 in favour

The Snooper's Charter is Britain's pending Internet surveillance law, which requires ISPs, online services and telcoms companies to retain enormous amounts of private online transactions, and to hand them over to government and law enforcement employees without a warrant. A public campaign on the bill had 19,000 responses, every one of which opposed the legislation. 19,000 against, 0 for. The question is, will the government (which ran in part by opposing similar legislation proposed by the previous Labour government) actually pay attention? Here's Glyn Moody in Computerworld:

Got that? Out of 19,000 emails received by the Committee on the subject of the proposed Draft Communications Bill, not a single one was in favour of it, or even agreed with its premise. Has there ever been a bill so universally rejected by the public in a consultation? Clearly, it must be thrown out completely.

Snooper's Charter: 19,000 Emails Against, 0 In Favour (via /.)

Feds to debate medical use of marijuana

Marijuana is currently classified in the US as a Schedule I controlled substance: no medically accepted use, despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Ira Flatow's syndicated public radio program Science Friday has a segment out about next week's planned arguments to a federal appeals court by pro-pot advocacy org Americans for Safe Access, in hopes of relaxing federal restrictions.

The radio segment includes UCSF oncologist Donald Abrams, who speaks about the evidence on the medical benefits of pot.

Disclosure: I'm a cancer patient, I use pot for medical purposes, and I'm strongly in favor of legalization and easier access for seriously ill people (and honestly, who cares, everyone else too).

HT: @milesobrien

City of Oakland sues to prevent closure of embattled medical marijuana dispensary

The NYT reports on a lawsuit filed by the City of Oakland in federal court to prevent the Department of Justice from seizing property leased to Harborside Health Center. Previous posts on Boing Boing about the facility here and here.

A sister's advice: "You should toughen up a bit."

"You should toughen up a bit. Think about it. Just think about it," Gabriel's sister advises him. This is the cutest, and most awesome video I've seen all week. Uploaded by Lee O'Donoghue, whom I'd presume is a parent. (Thanks, Tara McGinley)

Friday Freak-Out: Bob Luman and The Shadows perform "The Creep" (1957)

NewImageFriday Freak-Out: Bob Luman and The Shadows perform "The Creep" in the 1957 film Carnival Rock. A recording of the song can be found on the tasty-looking new release "The Beat From Badsville: Trash Classics From Lux and Ivy's Vinyl Mountain," being a compilation of songs found in The Cramps' record collection. The Beat From Badsville double 10" LP or MP3

CryptoParty: like a Tupperware party for learning crypto

CryptoParty is a global movement for people who want to teach their neighbors how to use cryptography to protect themselves from snoopers, especially broad government surveillance. It was kicked off by @Asher_Wolf in response to the broad, sweeping Australian Internet surveillance bill, and involves throwing parties where folks who know how to use disk encryption, email encryption, and similar projects teach their neighbors to use it too.

There's a crowdsourced book -- "The CryptoParty Handbook," 400+ pages written in less than 24 hours by activists all over the world -- and other instructional materials to help you get started.

What is CryptoParty? Interested parties with computers, devices, and the desire to learn to use the most basic crypto programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation! CryptoParties are free to attend, public, and are commercially non-aligned.

CryptoParty (via Techdirt)

Eagle nabs crocodile


Wildlife guide Mark Sheridan-Johnson snapped this thrilling photo on a Tanzania river bank. The eagle nabbed the juvenile Nile crocodile while the reptile was lunching on some fish. "Amazing Image: Eagle Snatches Crocodile From Riverbank" (ABC News)

Garden planter turns out to be Roman antique


Auction appraiser Guy Schwinge was visiting a Dorset, England home when he noticed an unusual planter in the garden. It turned out to be a Roman sarcophagus from the 2nd century. According to the Antiques Trade Gazette, research revealed that the family had purchased it a century ago from auction house Hy. Duke & Son. Now, Duke & Son have just sold it again, for £80,000.

New York Comic Con 2012: Justice Is Served

Greetings from the Javits Center and the second day of New York Comic Con! Besides being a hotbed of debuts, premieres, and news, NYCC is also pretty great if you're in need of creative inspiration. I found a lot at one panel, Justice Is Served.

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SWAT team injures 12-year-old girl with flash grenade - no drugs found

Radley Balko says: "Montana SWAT team drops a flash grenade through a window into a bedroom where two children are sleeping. No arrests. No alleged meth lab."

A 12-year-old girl suffered burns to one side of her body when a flash grenade went off next to her as a police SWAT team raided a West End home Tuesday morning. “She has first- and second-degree burns down the left side of her body and on her arms,” said the girl’s mother, Jackie Fasching. “She’s got severe pain. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes.” … When the grenade went off in the room, it left a large bowl-shaped dent in the wall and “blew the nails out of the drywall,” Fasching said.
Another Isolated Incident

The Mixed Magic of “Looper” (SPOILERS)

Looper is an elegant, beautifully rendered time travel story with quality performances and cool action sequences…completely hijacked in its second half by an evil kid who talks like a 50-year-old man.Read the rest