Indonesian Muslim cleric condemns selfies; Indonesian women are all, like, LOL as if!

Image via @yummy_vivi's Twitter.

Said the cleric, “These days many Muslim women are taking selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just–my goodness–where’s the purity in women?” Read the rest

Vladimir Putin's daughter executes sweet dance moves, runs part of new $1.6B sci-tech incubator

The talented young woman in this eighties-fabulous partner dance competition video is said to be Vladimir Putin's daughter.

She is reportedly involved in a new, $1.6 billion science and technology incubator funded by some of her dad's friends.

Read the rest

Gentleman from Aryan Brotherhood who pocketed $6 of Hot Pockets at Walmart gets felony theft

The swift hand of justice has swooped down upon Andrew Stephen Martin, 28, who is charged with felony theft for stealing 6 bucks worth of Hot Pockets at an Austin, TX WalMart. Read the rest

Transparency, Wichita-style

Wichita, KS police released this "public incident report" documenting the circumstances under which an officer shot a member of the public, but not before helpfully blacking out nearly every single word on all five pages of it. Read the rest

Shameless: rogue Lords sneak Snooper's Charter back in AGAIN

Last Friday, four rogue Lords copy/pasted the repeatedly defeated "Snooper's Charter" spying bill into a pending bill as an amendment, only to withdraw it on Monday after the Lords were bombarded by an aghast public -- and now, incredibly, these Lords have reintroduced the same language as a new amendment. Read the rest

Patrick Costello: the deaf, copyfighting Merry God of Banjo

BB pal and deaf banjo-pickin' dude Patrick Costello writes, "The Washington Post just did a story about my work as a music teacher: ‘Merry God of banjo’" Read the rest

Street Angel: That Explains Everything!

Can Jesse and Inti strike a deal or is Angel City stuck with Cortez and his time-displaced crew of Conquistadors? Will Cosmick realize where he is before it's too late? Find out in the stunning conclusion of Inca Dinka Doom!

These 4 videos prove Russians rock out harder than anyone else in the world

Our bearskin hats are off to you, random Russian dudes.

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Desk job for racist Seattle cop who arrested 70-year-old black man for carrying a golf club

Seattle Times: "Facing mounting outrage, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole announced Thursday the removal from street duty of a white patrol officer who made racially charged comments on Facebook within two months of arresting a 70-year-old black man for carrying a golf club." (Thanks, Denise!) Read the rest

Sony Pocket AM/FM Radio - $13 and no service contract!

It doesn’t have stereo reception or digital tuning or even a darn clock, but my little Sony Pocket Radio has been going strong for a decade. A pair of AA batteries supplies me with months of music, news, and sports broadcasts. Its reception is strong and steady, the volume is more than adequate, I’ve dropped it a few times without harming it, and it’s about the price of a sandwich. Sure, I wish it came it cute colors. Yes, it tends to tip over on occasion. And it’s so easy to carry from place to place that my biggest complaint is that I sometimes don’t know where I left it. But in the age of HD and wireless and internet media, this pocket radio proves that stuff doesn’t have to fancy in order to be great. -- Jeremy Jackson Read the rest

AOL really is killing off TUAW and Joystiq


Pretty much everything AOL touches dies. Read the rest

“The Australian Open is on TV, which means my Golden Retriever is in heaven.”

“Georges will watch this all day. While he does love all sports, tennis is his favorite. Yes, his name is Georges.” Read the rest

All dogs go to heaven. And all dogs grieve, when a loved one dies.

This video was posted to YouTube with the title, "Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother. Animals Do Have Emotions." Read the rest

Puppy is terrified by owner making fart noises

We hate to imagine what previous horrors may have sparked this dog's fear of farts. Read the rest

We honestly have no idea what to say about this weird martial arts demo.

So, we're uh, just gonna leave this right here. Read the rest

Watch Paige Alms and other surfing greats tackle insane Hawaiian winter surf

Paige Alms may have caught the greatest big wave barrel ever by a female surfer, thanks to unusual wave angle and nearly nonexistent breeze. Join the bone marrow registry. Be the match. Save a life. It's quick, easy and fun.

Our friend Drew needs a bone marrow match. Could it be you?

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