WATCH: Burmese cats return from brink of extinction in Myanmar

- One of the casualties of Myanmar's 1962 coup was the Burmese cat, which had to be repatriated from from foreign pedigreed stock about ten years ago. Wong How Man of China Exploration and Research Society describes how he reintroduced them. Play video

WATCH: Sugar in liquid nitrogen glows when exposed to UV light

- Mikhail Svarichevsky demonstrates an interesting phenomenon: supercooled sugarcubes briefly glow green when exposed to UV light. Don't tell Insane Clown Posse about this baffling miracle. Play video

WATCH: Sharks' shoreline feeding frenzy on school of fish

- Fisherman Donnie Griggs captured the scene at North Carolina's Cape Lookout National Seashore. Below is a similar frenzy in the Bahamas. Play video

Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century, in 20 minutes


Piketty's bestselling economics book is seismic, a vital infusion of data into the ideological debate over economics -- but it's also 700 pages long.

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A ship launch video goes terribly wrong

- “Oops,” said the ship. Play video

WATCH: man with 20,000 calorie diet goes grocery shopping


Robert Oberst is 6-foot-8 and weighs 400 pounds. He's a professional strongman and eats between 15,000 and 20,000 calories a days. Lots of veggies, rice, and red meat.

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WATCH: San Francisco tour bus guide's anti-Chinatown rant


A German tourist shot this video of a tour bus guide's racist rant against Chinatown. The tour guide is holding what appears to be an alcoholic beverage bottle. Unfortunately, the tourists applaud her, which gives her the encouragement to go on.

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High winds blow waterfall back up

- The River Kinder, in England's peak district, meets such high winds the flow is blasted back into the plateau. On better days, the Kinder Downfall drops 80 ft. Play video

Fabian Oefner's ferrofluidic cover for Guster's new album


Watch artist Fabian Oefner manipulating ferrofluid (magnetized liquid) and watercolors into a stunning psychedelic pattern that appears on the cover of alt.pop trio Guster's forthcoming album Evermotion.

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Video: Wondrous pygmy seahorses


KQED takes a Deep Look at pygmy seahorses, recently bred in captivity for the first time thanks to biologists at the California Academy of Sciences.

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What's financialism, and how is it destroying your life?


As businesses start retaining and investing larger cash-reserves, they're turning into banks. Banks, meanwhile, need to find another line of work: they become asset traders. Meanwhile, your wages have been stagnant for decades, which means that in order to survive, you must become a debtor.

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Carl Hiaasen's "Skink No Surrender"

Carl Hiaasen's novels are treasures of hilarity, violence, comeuppance and ardent love for Florida wilderness. The very best of them feature "Skink," a wild man of the woods with a fantastic history and a twisted sense of justice. With Skink No Surrender, Hiaasen brings his greatest character to a new generation by transforming the violent, profane anti-hero into the star of a young adult novel. Read the rest

Vultures circle GamerGate

The mainstream media finally discovered the Internet's latest subculture of hostile, cynical, easily-led youngsters. Matt Binder on the narcissists, grifters and creeps arriving in its wake. Read the rest