Dildo throwing rebels hold Paiute artifacts hostage, refer to native peoples as "savages"

Unsurprisingly, the occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge buildings contain over 4000 native artifacts, belonging to the Burns Paiute tribe. The militant rebels are not making the native Americans feel good about their occupation, and apparently call the natives "savages."

The Burns Paiute Tribe is rightly demanding the United States live up to treaty obligations, and prosecute any damages to their artifacts and archaeological resources.


Occupation leader Ammon Bundy, from Arizona and son of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher involved in a standoff with the federal government over copy million in unpaid grazing fees on public land, has offered to meet with the tribe but the tribe says he has no right to hold their history hostage and have refused to grant him even the appearance of such authority by meeting with him.

“Some of the members of the community were open to them,” Roderique says, “when they first came but now the county chained and locked everything up and said no you can’t have your meeting in town.”

Harney County officials have stated they will not allow the militants to use any county-owned building for fear of more takeovers of public property.

“They tried to ask us for our gathering center and our facility was booked up. We just kind of laughed and said they want to use our 'savage' facilities?”

Roderique was referencing a “Harney County Committee of Safety” website made by supporters of the takeover who profess to exist “to secure the property and lives of the association members from threats from the savages.”

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Everything you know about celebrity deaths is wrong

[My friend Peter Sheridan is a Los Angeles-based correspondent for British national newspapers. He has covered revolutions, civil wars, riots, wildfires, and Hollywood celebrity misdeeds for longer than he cares to remember. As part of his job, he must read all the weekly tabloids. For the past couple of years, he's been posting terrific weekly tabloid recaps on Facebook and has graciously given us permission to run them on Boing Boing. Enjoy! - Mark]

“Hollywood Death Mysteries Solved!”

Natalie Wood, Bruce Lee, Sonny Bono, and David Carradine were all murdered, and Richard Burton was beaten to death.

That’s according to the expert forensic authority known in academic circles as Globe magazine.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Those of us who thought Sonny Bono died after skiing at high speed into a tree were evidently fooled by brilliant “drug assassins” who beat him to death and planted his body on a ski slope. Because what could be easier than dragging a dead body up a mountain in deep snow?

Autopsy photos “could reveal Natalie Wood’s death was a murder.” Because even though medical examiners, police and prosecutors have viewed the photos, the truth won’t be known until the Globe’s pet attorney has seen the pictures. There you go – solved!

Richard Burton got into a bar brawl two days before he died. Though officials ruled that long-standing illnesses killed the actor, the Globe assures us it was the fight that killed him. Read the rest

Strategic butt coverings in video games

Feminist Frequency's excellent Tropes vs Women in Video Games has a new installment on the prevailing ways that characters' butts are presented in games: with female characters, they're emphasized, centered and revealed; with male characters, it's often literally impossible to see their butts. Read the rest

The delight of the unexpected moment when your child comes upon a character at a Disney park

With the unsettling closure and uncertain future of a vast original area of Disneyland which has remained mostly undisturbed since park opening in 1955, it seems fitting to reflect upon some things which made it memorable. This is the first of a series of pieces, and also the most indirect — it’ll take me six paragraphs to make my real point.

One thing every parent knows is the delight of “the unexpected moment” when your child comes upon a character at a Disney park without warning.

There’s less of that these days, with “Character Meet and Greets” having been turned into controlled experiences and fewer instances of the characters simply walking the parks and freely mingling with the guests. (You tend to see much more of this at the Tokyo Disney Resort.)

On a trip to Disneyland when my daughter was about 4 or 5 years old just under a decade ago, we entered the park early, passed through Main Street, and were taking the walkway up to Sleeping Beauty Castle that curves to the right, past Snow White’s Grotto. The white marble statues of Snow White and the Dwarfs were a gift from the Ambassador of Italy, I explained to my daughter. They reside in a man-made grotto with a waterfall.

On the walkway itself is a full-size replica of the wishing well from the film Snow White. If you lean over and listen, you will hear Snow White singing. My daughter was listening intently, looking into the well, and when she turned around there was Snow White — pretty, indeed, as a picture. Read the rest

Watch an ultra-automated cappuccino maker brew up a latte

My friend Ian Clarke of Uprizer and Freenet fame recently invested in a Jura Ena Micro 9, a swank, ultra-high-quality espresso machine in which many elements of the brew and milk steam processes are cleverly, thoughtfully automated. Ian was sharing something about how his new purchase was working out for him (he digs it), and I asked him to shoot a video of it so i could share it with our Boing Boing readers. Here it is. Read the rest

Diesel sings about "Sausalito Summernights"

Another mile to Frisco... 200 gallons from LA!

The engine's stompin' like a disco... We oughta dump her in the bay! Read the rest

Tiny NanoDrone gets a camera

Our friends at TRNDlabs, who sponsored our Weekend of Wonder, have announced the new SKEYE Nano Drone with Camera. Read the rest

Delightful skinless animatronic baby

It's more creepy with the rubber skin.

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Comedian Jon Benjamin should have learned to play piano

Famed titular voice of Archer, and Bob of Bob's Burgers, Jon Benjamin has recorded a jazz album. Interestingly, Benjamin can't play piano, and really doesn't like jazz.

Benjamin brought a ton of great jazz musicians into the studio and recorded an album, but he can't play at all. What happens is really pretty cool! NPR has a great interview.

I'm certainly finding the album fun. Jazz daredevil indeed!

Well, I Should Have...* by Jon Benjamin via Amazon Read the rest

Kraut makers delight! A $9 cabbage shredder

Xeni got me addicted to making my own kraut. Life has me addicted to specialized kitchen tools. Combine the two and I've decided I just love this cabbage slicer/shredder.

The strong handled, wide stainless steel bladed tool easily converts a cabbage into kraut size slivers. Perfect for mashing and smashing in your kraut jar. Gone are the careful slicing and cutting down of a cabbage with my chef's knife. This feels a lot safer!

Cleaning is as easy as rinsing the blade off and lightly wiping it down. The tool is also dishwasher safe.

If you like making kraut, this shredder is a cheap and easy way to cut down the cabbage.

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Company that pampers rich people at Burning Man won't give up

"Festival Concierge Service" is a European company that advertises a pampered, all-inclusive Burning Man trip to wealthy people -- a major no-no at the festival. Despite being blacklisted, ejected and legally threatened by the Burning Man organization, they refuse to give up. Read the rest

Pixel Tactics – A strategic two-player war game

See sample images from this game at Wink.

Pixel Tactics is a two-player war game where you’ll be playing the part of an elite leader, steering a war band against the enemy. Both players have an identical deck of 25 cards, each representing a different character. Each card here acts differently when played in a certain rank, or used for their order ability. There’s a lot of variance in this game, since the leader that you’re playing will affect your strategy regarding the rest of the cards in your deck. Some of the leaders are combatants, and some of them help out the other units in your squad. Play continues until one of the leaders is taken out.

It’s a very portable game since the decks are small, and the rules come on a giant poster that is the play mat when flipped over. The art direction echoes sprite animations from retro video games and is charming. It’s pretty easy to pick up and play, but with all the variance, some analysis paralysis can set in from time to time. The games run really quickly though, usually in under 15 minutes per round, and with 3 to 5 rounds per game.

– James Orr

Pixel Tactics Card Game

by Level 99 Games

Ages 12 and up, 2 players, 45 minutes

$15 Buy one on Amazon Read the rest

Chris Christie vetoes NJ bill to prohibit gun ownership by carjackers and terrorists

New Jersey governor Chris Christie used to be a supporter of gun control measures. But he is running for president, and the only way he can get the Republication nomination is to win over conservatives who can't forgive him for shaking hands with President Obama a few years ago. His latest stunt was vetoing a bill that would have prohibited "persons who have been convicted of carjacking, gang criminality, racketeering, or terroristic threats from purchasing, owning, possessing, or controlling a firearm." Not a single member of the Senate or Assembly voted "no" on the bill.

NJ.com reports that Christie initially denied that he'd ever supported gun control, but eventually conceded, "I've changed my mind" on guns:

After having first denied he ever supported a measure to repeal New Jersey's semiautomatic weapons ban, Gov. Chris Christie conceded Wednesday night he's changed his mind since supporting the measure in the mid-1990s. The governor also boasted using his position as New Jersey's executive to loosen New Jersey's gun laws after the Democratic-controlled state Legislature refused to do so, similar to something he's assailed President Obama for doing.

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Bernie is a punk rocker

Bern the White House remixes classic punk tees to show support for the Bernie Sanders campaign -- the best is the Misfits one, with the Ramones one in close second place. (Thanks, Stuart!) Read the rest

Female teacher in Turkey sentenced to prison for making rude hand gesture

A female teacher in Turkey was sentenced to almost a year in prison today for hurting President Tayyip Erdogan’s feelings. She made an “ugly gesture” with her hand towards the leader at a political rally in 2014, and in Turkey it’s against the law to criticize official leaders, even if it’s with a quick hand movement.

The teacher isn’t the first to be under fire by Turkey’s sensitive leader. Last February BloombergBusiness reported that Erdogan had charged 67 people for insulting him – including Miss Turkey, who’d written a satirical poem about the president – which was an average of one person for every three days since he’d been elected president in 2014. Read the rest

Very sad news about science fiction titan David G Hartwell

David Hartwell, a senior editor at Tor Books, cofounder of the New York Review of Science Fiction, legendary collector, raconteur, critic, anthologist, and fixture in so many fo science fiction's scenes and fandom, is in the hospital with a "massive brain bleed" and is not expected to live. Read the rest

Derek Zoolander: The Vogue Interview

From Vogue's "73 Questions" series. Below, this month's Vogue cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz.

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