Incredible footage of gunfire in Canadian Parliament


At least one gunman and a soldier are dead today after exchanges of fire in and around Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada.

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Music: "You Were Cool," The Mountain Goats (2015)


I liked this a lot.

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Challenger for Michele Bachmann's seat offers "money back guarantee" if he ever lobbies or takes special-interest money

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WATCH: Teddy the porcupine grunts and squeaks over Halloween treats

- I had no idea porcupines made these weird sounds of pleasure. They sound like erotic pugs.

[video link, via Reddit]

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WATCH: Dispense ice-cold candies from your refrigerator's ice dispenser

- Give this man a Nobel diabeetus prize. Play video

Black Dynamite, the instrumental versions


Black Dynamite is Scott Sanders' 2009 action comedy that parodies 1970s blaxploitation films. Adrian Younge composed the psychedelic soul score that's as good as almost anything from the era it attempts to mimic, and now he's released a vinyl LP containing the instrumental versions of those killer cuts. Above, a documentary about the making of the score.

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Rick Rubin looks back at the birth of hip hop


In this Rolling Stone interview, Def Jam founder and legendary producer Rick Rubin returns to the New York University dorm room where his career began in the early 1980s and reminisces about the birth of hip hop. For more on this history, might I suggest...

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Carl Hiaasen's "Skink No Surrender"

- Carl Hiaasen's novels are treasures of hilarity, violence, comeuppance and ardent love for Florida wilderness. The very best of them feature "Skink," a wild man of the woods with a fantastic history and a twisted sense of justice. With Skink No Surrender, Hiaasen brings his greatest character to a new generation by transforming the violent, profane anti-hero into the star of a young adult novel. Read the rest

New 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer

- 2001: A Space Odyssey got a new trailer to celebrate BFI's theatrical UK re-release for Kubrick's genre-defining film. Even though every shot is already burned into our collective conscience, the trailer is surprising. Play video

The Oak Island Money Pit


Nova Scotia’s Oak Island hides a famously booby-trapped treasure cache — or so goes the legend. In this episode of the Futility Closet podcast, we review the many attempts to recover the treasure and wonder who could have engineered such a site, what might be hidden there — and whether, indeed, it contains anything at all. We also puzzle over what a woman’s errands can tell us about how her husband died.



Vultures circle GamerGate

The mainstream media finally discovered the Internet's latest subculture of hostile, cynical, easily-led youngsters. Matt Binder on the narcissists, grifters and creeps arriving in its wake. Read the rest

What are the best Halloween candies?

This is the real reason we dress up like zombies giant bottles of catsup. David Ng and Ben Cohen present a survey to determine your favorites in anticipation of this year's all-important hierarchical delineation of candy goodness. Read the rest