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Vanilla Coke

Coke is planning yet another brand-extension: Vanilla Coke. Sure to be as big a success as Evian Brake Fluid and Spicy Cajun Visine. Link Discuss

Painted nudes

Amazing gallery of painted nudes. Link Discuss (via Cloudmonkey)

How to tell that it's already April 1 in England

The April Fools begin. Andrew Orlowski fires the opening shot with "You've got Blogs! AOL buys into homegrown media" in the Reg:
AOL-TW executives seemed pleased with the company's acquisition spree.

"You can't really put figures on this," one executive told The Register, "but we think we have 78 per cent of the libertarian news blogs, 91 per cent of the ClueTrain Manifesto fan sites, and 59 per cent of all blogging female arts graduates, many of whom are Virgos," he said.

"And the possibilities for vertical integration are endless," he enthused. "No cat will ever go ill again in America again in obscurity."

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XXL dummies

Overweight people are more likely to be injured in car accidents, though no one knows why. Labs are ordering XXL crash-test dummies to run tests with. Link Discuss (Thanks, Bill!)

Rollercoasters in Bangladesh

Bangladesh gets its first theme park.
Located on a greenfield site more than an hour's drive from Dhaka, the Disney-style theme park sits a little incongruously alongside paddy fields and villages that have no running water or electricity.

The sponsors expect 5,000 visitors a day

On offer is everything the fun-lover would expect to find in a western theme park, right down to the hamburger bars, popcorn stalls and a large amusement arcade.

Critics argue the park itself is incongruous in a country where around half the population of 130m lives below the poverty line.

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Parochial messages

Praize: The Christian IM client. Link Discuss (Thanks, Patrick!)

ICANN blog

Paul sez: "You might want to point BoingBoingers towards the ICANN blog, which is a nice, even-handed blog about all things ICANN." ICANN is a big old mess and complicated as hell, but this is pretty fascinating stuff. Link Discuss

300 most failed domain names

That 300-most-common-words meme sure has legs. Paul Hoffman's using it to prove the failure of ICANN's new top-level domains.
The "common knowledge" is that the new TLDs (.biz, .info, and so on) have been pretty much of a failure for the TLD owners because the only people who have registered in them are trademark holders or domain name squatters. You almost never see any of the new TLDs being used on the net.

To test out this hypothesis, I wanted to see if they were being used for easy-to-find web sites. I took the list of the 300 most commonly-used words in English (found here) and searched for them on Google. I went ten pages deep on each search, grabbing every URL Google gave me. Of these 3000-odd URLs, exactly two of them used a new TLD: and I assume that the latter came up on searching for the word "name", so it is almost not even countable.

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Worker and Parasite

Speaking of Worker and Parasite (the whacky Soviet cartoon from the Simpsons Gabbo episode), here's a little lo-res Quicktime clip of it, courtesy of the Internet Archive. I'd kill for a high-res still from this to make a t-shirt out of. Link Discuss

Deaddog's doo-wop rarities

I just got a shipment of fantastic doo-wop and swing rarities from Deaddog music, a microlabel bringing back old 78s and singles. My favorite? Steve Gibson and the Red Caps "You're Driving Me Crazy." I discovered Steve Gibson about eight years ago when his "Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night" was briefly released (and quickly deleted). I have one other disk of his stuff, but most of his vast catalog of 78s is lost to history. The Deaddog disc has got some awesome stuff on it. I can't stop listening to the Boogie Woogie cover of "San Antonio Rose." Link Discuss

Russia's answer to South Park

The Globe sez:
She's a pot-smoking, foul-mouthed wreck and the idol of millions of young Russians.

Masyanya, an Internet cartoon based on the life of a hard-living, often unemployed, young woman wreaking havoc in St. Petersburg, is Russia's answer to both South Park and Dilbert.

I just watched a bunch of these, and while they're slightly more comprehensible than, say, the "Worker and Parasite" cartoons that Krusty the Clown put on after he lost Itchy and Scratchy to Gabbo, but they do lose something in the translation. Link Discuss

The stone-eater

Pat sez:
This is weird, poignant and...I don't know. This Afghan guy swallows stones for attention. He dreams of marrying a U.S. female pilot who will fly him away to Dubai or the U.S....
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Extreme environmental irony, Shrub-style

The Shrub took money out of the budget for solar and renewable energy and used it to print the Department of Energy's budget (in which he announced that he was cutting the budget for etc etc etc). It's recursive evil. Link Discuss (Thanks, Pat!)

Conjoined Peep surgery

Some whacky netizen with access to an operating theatre and a fetishist's paradise of medical paraphenalia has documented his attempts to successfully separate conjoined Marshmallow Peep quintuplets. Pictured here is the doomed CPR attempt, made upon discovery that the newly separated Peep had no pulse. Link Discuss (Thanks, Pat!)

We're going to hell for sure now

Mean, funny captions for the "I'm With You Always" Jesus charcoals we pointed to last week. Like a Disfunctional Family Circus for sappy Jesuspix. Link Discuss (Thanks, Michael!)