Boris Karloff's Monster Game

I'd be (pleasantly) amazed if the actual play in Boris Karloff's Monster Game was anything but tedious, but LOOK AT THOSE GAME TOKENS. DANG.

Boris Karloff's Monster Game Read the rest

Hardships by Computer Jay

This video is beautiful.

Hugging robot

It's very satisfying.

28-geared, 3D-printed cube

Shapeways user Maundy created the Steampunk Geared Cube, a magnificent geared confection that came out of the 3D printed fully assembled!

Amazing things to do with a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi, the tiny, cheap and hackable computer for children of all ages, may be used as the heart of an Ambilight media center, a cat feeder, a Minecraft or MAME console, to pwn your foes' websites and serve torrents, or as the brains of a supercomputer cluster. Me, I've been recreating the magic of failing to learn to program in the 1980s, when every home computer challenged you with a code interpreter the moment you turned it on. You can make it pretty with a custom case, and check out a zillion other great Pideas at Pingbin, Ars Technica and the official homepage. (Previously) Read the rest

The Guardian, a spooky free flash game

Nicole Brauer's The Guardian is a dreamlike adventure about a boy with a girl's name who feels compelled to leave the village where he is shunned. I love both the Shadow of The Colossus-inspired design and the fact that your sprite is a single pixel seen from afar—like my own TinyHack, but backed by beautiful artwork and effective storytelling. Kevin McLeod's ominous music ties the mood together. Read the rest

New Yorkers: catch Molly Crabapple's new show this weekend

Shell Game, a new exhibition from artist Molly Crabapple (previously, previously, previously) opens Sunday in New York.

UPDATE: Molly's now released the solo show's work under a Creative Commons license. Read the rest

BioShock, finis

The BioShock series, notable for the doomed libertarian dystopias into which the player is sent, took a startling turn in its latest outing, Bioshock Infinite. Taking place in a perversely patriotic theme-park echo of America, its spectacular world-building and storytelling generated critical acclaim, but its generic gameplay prompted second thoughts. Leigh Alexander puts it like so: "Infinite's is a sterile, mechanized system that could have been ripped from any other listless hyper-modern game like a bloody spine and grafted messily onto this vision, obscuring it. It doesn't even do it well; I wouldn't even say competently." Read the rest

Making brains transparent

Researchers developed a process to make a mouse brain totally transparent, enabling this magnificent fly-through video.

Twitter and information anxiety

"Sometimes at night I reach over and pluck my phone from my nightstand, press a little blue icon, and suddenly the whole world is in bed with me, talking," writes Mat Honan. "This is deeply unhealthy, of course, for my sleep patterns, my mental well-being, my marriage." Read the rest

JOHN WILCOCK: Interview at the New Yorker

A visit to the New Yorker building in 1959, at its original location at 25 west 43rd street.

Solving classic NES games computationally

Dr. Tom Murphy VII gave a research paper called "The First Level of Super Mario Bros. is Easy with Lexicographic Orderings and Time Travel . . . after that it gets a little tricky."

Huge anamorphic sculpture of actor's face

Bernard Pras built a room-sized anamorphic sculpture of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyaté's face from wood, branches, rugs, clothing, rubber scraps, and other odds and sods.

Prank: Headless driver at the drive-thru

Heady humor.

The Man Who Owns Little

Mark Ernest Pothier is a Kindle Single author I have been watching. Since reading his story The First Light of Evening I've been waiting for his next. The Man Who Owns Little was released a few days ago and I read it last night.

Laser on ship shoots down drone

A US Navy demonstration of a high-energy laser on a moving ship shooting down a drone.

Power Glove's Tumblr of 1980s vidgame/tech/action movies/etc.

Musical group Power Glove have a fun Tumblr of ads and images that would be right at home decorating a teenage boy's school locker in 1984 or so. Power Glove Tumblr Read the rest

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