Here's the first of many

Here's the first of many inevitable pieces of irresponsible journalism linking terrorists and crypto, from USA Today. We're going to see a lot of this kind of hysteria, along with anal-probes in the airports, and any number of abridgements to our freedom.

"Uncrackable encryption is allowing terrorists -- Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and others -- to communicate about their criminal intentions without fear of outside intrusion," FBI Director Louis Freeh said last March during closed-door testimony on terrorism before a Senate panel. "They're thwarting the efforts of law enforcement to detect, prevent and investigate illegal activities."

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The Mercury News' Dan Gillmor

The Mercury News' Dan Gillmor weighs in: "What happened on Tuesday was an act of war. The American government and military should and will respond in kind. If law enforcement and national security agencies declare war on the American people in the process, they will give the terrorists a gift. The despicable people who planned this will triumph if we add to the damage. Link Discuss Read the rest

Akamai Technologies co-founder killed when

Akamai Technologies co-founder killed when the jet he was in crashed into New York's World Trade Center. Link Discuss Read the rest

From John Perry Barlow's mailing

From John Perry Barlow's mailing list:


As most of you know, I believe that the United States has gradually, subtly, invisibly to most of us, become a police state over the last 30 years.

This morning's events are roughly equivalent to the Reichstag fire that provided the social opportunity for the Nazi take-over of Germany.

I am *not* suggesting that, like the Nazis, the authoritarian forces in America actually had a direct role in perpetrating this mind-blistering tragedy. (Though their indirect role deserves a much longer discussion.)

Nevertheless, nothing could serve those who believe that American "safety" is more important than American liberty better than something like this. Control freaks will dine on this day for the rest of our lives.

Within a few hours, we will see beginning the most vigorous efforts to end what remains of freedom in America. Those of who are willing to sacrifice a little - largely illusory - safety in order to maintain our faith in the original ideals of America will have to fight for those ideals just as vigorously.

I beg you to begin NOW to do whatever you can - whether writing your public officials, joining the ACLU or EFF, taking to the streets, or living visibly free and fearless lives - to prevent the spasm of control mania from destroying the dreams that far more have died for over the last two hundred twenty five years than died this morning.

Don't let the terrorists or (their natural allies) the fascists win.

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Bill Shunn, a New Yorker

Bill Shunn, a New Yorker who's doing fine, has set up a guestbook for New Yorkers and DCites to post to if they're OK, too. Spread the word. Good idea, Bill. Link Discuss Read the rest

After the Oklahoma bombing, everyone

After the Oklahoma bombing, everyone was convinced that the only people well organized enough and hateful enough to have attacked the Federal building were Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists. Of course, it turned out to be a good ole boy. The same thing's happening again, and now the Internet's getting in on the act: the Taleban's web-site has been defaced. Link Discuss Read the rest

A trucker who hit and

A trucker who hit and killed a child in LA was dragged from his cab and beaten nearly to death. Link Discuss Read the rest

6:15AM in San Francisco: I

6:15AM in San Francisco: I fire up a browser and start looking at blogs and such. Then I happen on this entry, from my friend Teresa in New York:

I just climbed back down from my Brooklyn rooftop. An airplane has flown into the World Trade Towers. There's thick black smoke billowing out of several floors of both towers.

Let me pause for a moment to say with all the lucidity I can muster that it is the strangest sight I have ever seen in my life.

I can hear the sirens of multiple emergency vehicles, 360 degrees around. There were people on other rooftops in my neighborhood, some of them talking on their cellphones. Down in the street below me a workman was shouting in some language other than English for the rest of his work crew to come out of the house they're renovating and see what's happening. I couldn't make out a word of it, but there was no mistaking the sense.

Patrick called from the office. He says from where I'm standing I can't see the big hole in the side of one tower.

So off I go to the usual suspects: CNN, Yahoo, BBC, CBC -- and they're all so busy with people doing what I'm doing, they refuse to load. The Internet's major news sites have been shut down by a massive flood of traffic as everyone in the world calls and emails everyone else in the world to tell them the news. God, this feels so apocalyptic. Read the rest